QOTW: Halloween by Jason Frey

Another week rolls by and another Question of the Week is asked by a fan and answered by Rob Zombie. This time thanks goes to Zombiehead member Jason_Frey who asked Rob the following question about any future Halloween movies.

Enjoy.  And see at the bottom of the item how it could be you next!


Question: Hi Rob, you had such a interesting take on Micheal Myers and imo brought out his aggresive and real side. I know they are coming out with Halloween3d what happened with your involvement with the Halloween series? Was there ever a plan for a 3rd movie from you? Or was it just like the Devils Rejects 2 and done? Are you gonna watch the Halloween 3d movie? Did you have any input on this subject?

Answer from Rob Zombie: Even though I feel like I’ve been very clear on this subject there always seems to be some confusion so I will set the record straight again. I am not and have never been involved in Halloween 3. I don’t know anything about the project and what is happening with it. I did all I ever wanted to do with Halloween and it is time for me to move onto other things. As far as watching the 3rd movie, who knows? If it looks cool and my friends are in it I guess I will watch it.

Rob Zombie answers questions about a third Halloween movie for him to direct

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