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Archive for March, 2012

Zombie’s Record Collection: ELTON JOHN’S GREATEST HITS

Welcome to a brand new weekly feature from Rob Zombie.

Every week RZ will open up the vaults that are his record collection and share these with his fans, including his views on the album and more.


From Rob Zombies Record Collection - Elton Johns Greatest Hits“To start things off I figured I would pick the absolute first album I ever bought with my own hard earned cash and by “hard earned cash” I mean it was most likely birthday money or something.

The time was 1974, I was about nine years old and ready to rock. Elton was of course already a world-wide superstar and I was a huge fan from listening to him on FM radio… but now… now it was time to make the move to vinyl! So, playing it safe I picked up the amazing ELTON JOHN’S GREATEST HITS. Back then greatest hits records were always the way I started my journey into an artist work. I figured start with the hits and work your way backwards. (more…)

Rob Zombie on next album: ‘Definitely our best record yet’.

Rob Zombie band 2012Rob Zombie has been speaking about the forthcoming new album he and his band will be working on from June this year.  The as yet named album, will be the first studio album since Hellbilly Deluxe 2 annd will feature for the first time, the drumming of new band member Ginger Fish.

“It has been way, and I mean way too long without any new music. I am dying to get back to it,” he said. “I have not felt this much excitement within the band since recording the first ‘Hellbilly Deluxe’ record almost 15 years ago. We have been working on tons of songs for quite some time and I can safely say this will definitely be our best record yet.” (more…)

QOTW: Halloween by Jason Frey

Another week rolls by and another Question of the Week is asked by a fan and answered by Rob Zombie. This time thanks goes to Zombiehead member Jason_Frey who asked Rob the following question about any future Halloween movies.

Enjoy.  And see at the bottom of the item how it could be you next!


Question: Hi Rob, you had such a interesting take on Micheal Myers and imo brought out his aggresive and real side. I know they are coming out with Halloween3d what happened with your involvement with the Halloween series? Was there ever a plan for a 3rd movie from you? Or was it just like the Devils Rejects 2 and done? Are you gonna watch the Halloween 3d movie? Did you have any input on this subject?

Answer from Rob Zombie: Even though I feel like I’ve been very clear on this subject there always seems to be some confusion so I will set the record straight again. I am not and have never been involved in Halloween 3. I don’t know anything about the project and what is happening with it. I did all I ever wanted to do with Halloween and it is time for me to move onto other things. As far as watching the 3rd movie, who knows? If it looks cool and my friends are in it I guess I will watch it.

Rob Zombie answers questions about a third Halloween movie for him to direct

To put forward your own question for Rob Zombie to answer, go to the Forum and click on the first category Question of the Week – click New Topic and away you go – and remember BE ORIGINAL! And remember Rob doesn’t just pick one a week – he’s known in the witching hour to browse the forum and answer posts live so keep posting!

Poll Results: You voted Dragula your fav vid – so here it is

So you voted for Dragula as your favorite all time Rob Zombie video.

So here it is to watch.

Find out more about the great album this video came from – Hellbilly Deluxe by clicking here and watch more videos from that album and others within the Discography! (more…)

Behind the scenes of Salem: Lisa Marie drops by wardrobe

Another EXCLUSIVE from behind the scenes photo.

Lisa Marie stops by the costume department to begin her wardrobe fitting for THE LORDS OF SALEM.

Lisa Marie behind the scenes on the Lords of Salem

Zombie Returns To Salem

From Rob:

“Back in Salem with Jeff Daniel Phillips shooting a new scene for THE LORDS OF SALEM. Jeff is rocking a Bunghole Liquors  shirt.

This is a real place.

Check it out if you swing by Salem.”

Rob Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips back in Salem

Rob Zombie to guest on Dave Attell’s Daves Old Porn show

Rob Zombie and Dave Attell from Daves Old Porn show on ShowtimeRob Zombie will be making a guest appearance on Dave Attell’s Showtime show ‘Daves Old Porn‘ (see RZ and Dave pictured left).

The weekly series which combines retro porn with chat, guests and comedy is the baby of comedian Dave Attell, also known for his stand-up routines, and shows such as The Gong Show with Dave Attell and Comedy Central’s Insomniac with Dave Attell.  Attell was also a regular commentator on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

To find out more about the episodes air times go to: www.davesoldporn.com (adult content)

Weird but true: RZ and Sheri in the White House

“RZ and Sheri in the actual Situation Room at the White House discuss world events”.

Not a mock-up, but the real deal.

Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Zombie sitting in the White House situation room


QOTW: House of 1000 Corpses by CorpseReject

Roasting the marshmellows, and burning the hog, while we sit back again for Question of the Week from Rob Zombie.

This week Zombiehead Inc member CorpseReject has asked Rob a question about House of 1000 Corpses.

Enjoy.  And see at the bottom of the item how it could be you next

Zombiehead Inc member CorpseRejectQuestion: I absolutely love this movie. Every aspect of it….they way it was shot, the brilliant use of colors, the characters…and so on. My question is this…do you ever think that you may make another Firefly family movie possibly including a little of the family history? The entire dungeon, underground tunnels, Dr Satan’s operating rooms and the “patients” he worked on are something that I have wanted to see more of from the first time I saw the movie. The Professor, the Skunk Ape and his wife, the spirits in the house the Mother Firefly mentions…all of these seem like something that could make another awesome movie. You are the expert though I guess. (more…)

Behind the scenes on THE LORDS OF SALEM


Judy Geeson, Dee Wallace, Pat Quinn and RZ hanging on set of Lords of Salem.

Judy Geeson, Dee Wallace, Pat Quinn and Rob Zombie hanging on set of Lords of Salem

More Zombie/Megadeth dates added to the tour page

Rob Zombie band 2012Zombieheads, you will be pleased to know a few more dates have been added to the Tour Page for the forthcoming dates between Zombie and Megadeth.

The new dates are 13 May at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD and May 19th at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St Louis, MO.

To see full tour dates and ticket purchase links then click through to the Tour Page


QOTW: Tour as a roadie by Timothy H

Zombie Head Timothy HYes, yes indeed kiddies, ghouls and most importantly  Zombieheads, it is that wonderful time of the week where Rob Zombie answers another question from a fan.

This week’s question comes from Zombie Head Inc member Timothy H who asks about touring with the band as  a roadie.

And don’t forget if you want to get your question answered by Rob, go to the forum and submit a question in the Question of the Week section. Remember only questions asked on the forum will be answered. (more…)

New Zombie album production starting in JUNE!

Rob Zombie will be entering the studio for a new album in 2012With the end of production on the new film The Lords of Salem coming soon, Rob will be returning to the studio with fellow bandmates John 5, Piggy D and Ginger Fish for a brand new album.

Says Rob; “as production on THE LORDS OF SALEM ends it is time for music. We will be packing up the band and moving to remote location to record. No distractions, just music.

Rob and the band will be hitting the road with Megadeth shortly for a co-headling tour which will include hitting up Rocklahoma and Rock on the Range.