QOTW: White Zombie by Something_WEiRd

Roll up! Roll Up! Gather round the camp fire kiddies.  Here’s the first Question of the Week answered by Rob. Thank you to Zombie Head Inc member Something_WEiRd for their question:

Zombie Head Inc Member https://robzombie.com/profile?uid=77Question: I hope this question doesnt upset you (Rob Zombie) because it doesnt seem like you liked to be asked about White Zombie but why did they break up? well , thats not really my question, my real question is Have you ever thought about reconciling with the members of White Zombie and patch things up? You guys have been through so much, don’t you miss them? Ive heard in numerous interviews that you have not spoken to any of the members of the band since the breakup about 16 years ago. There seems to be some hostility or rancor there. White Zombie is one of the greatest bands of all time and there will never be another band like it again. Im not asking for a reunion (that would be really awesome though), I was just wondering if you missed them and what really happened that made you not want to speak to them for so long, if that even is true.

Answer from Rob:“Sometimes a band just breaks up because the band has run it’s course and the best days are behind them. White Zombie went through a lot together and did tons of great stuff, but it was time to stop. The good times were over and we were all moving in different directions. Times change, people change and things end. I have no bad feelings about it or anyone from the band. As far a a reunion show, I don’t think there is any point. The band stopped at the height of it’s fame and should be remembered that way. Getting it back together would only ruin it. It was a special moment in time and trying to relive it 16 years later would be wrong.”

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