QOTW: Rocky Horror Picture Show by Moon

So NICE we decided to do it TWICE! Roll up kiddies for another tale from the Spookshow.

Zombie Head Inc Member Moon from robzombieHere is another Question of the Week from Rob Zombie.  Thank you to Zombie Head Moon for the question on the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Question: I love this movie, and I love going to see it in the theater when I can..Rob, since I know you are a big fan of this film, I want to know, how old were you when you first saw it in theaters?

And what was that experience like for you?

Rob Zombie and Patricia QuinnAnswer from Rob: Yes, you are correct I love this movie. I think it is without a doubt one of the few movie musicals to use rock music properly. The Who’s Tommy would be another great example of this. I first saw the film in a small theater in Rhode Island around 1982. I had seen pictures of the film in many books and was familiar with it but had never had a chance to see it up to that point (weird to even remember a time when it was hard to see certain films). Well, after one viewing I was hooked.

The Rocky Horror cult was in full swing around that time so most theaters had vital local cast performing.  Boston had a great one as did New York at the legendary(and much missed) 8th Street Playhouse. I never got into dressing up or participating in all the audience back and forth with the screen. In fact I enjoyed watching the movie more with all the flying rice and toast. Hard to believe back then all I had was a grainy VHS bootleg, now everyone owns a perfect copy on Blu-ray

And obviously it goes without saying that the reason I cast Pat Quinn in my new film THE LORDS OF SALEM was due to my love for her performance in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. I also tried to cast Richard O’Brien but unfortunately he was unavailable .