QOTW: Fans that bring a camera by JRoTown

Gather round and round ’em up, we have another Question of the Week answered for you by Rob Zombie.  This weeks question comes from Zombie Head Inc member JRoTown.

Question: Rob, what’s your take on this?
I can see where camera flashes could leave a person blinded and when there’s so much going on it could lead to some serious injuries with all the pyro going off, people rushing the stage, falls…etc…

So, what do you think? Leave the camera at home or just remember the event for what it is through your own eyes?

Answer from Rob: Well, I have mixed feelings on the subject. In the past I never objected to cameras at the shows, but now that basically every phone is a camera things have changed. I get really tired of looking at a sea of cell phones. The crowds have become so concerned with filming the shows that they have stopped really watching the shows. It’s strange to look at fans staring at the little screen on their phone instead of the spectacle right in front of them. They really seemed so concerned with filming it to rewatch it later that they don’t really enjoy it at the moment it is happening. It is just the way things are now, so what can you do?

Here’s a thought. Put your stupid phone away and rock the fuck out!

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