Here are a few more answers to your questions.

saudishot said…
It seems like artists are becoming increasingly conflicted with which formats to release new music on. Can you imagine a future where your fans no longer have the experience of waiting until release day to go to their local retailer to pick up a PHYSICAL copy of your new album? How much say do you have in what mediums your material is sold?

I think they will definitely be a day when nothing will be sold in a physical format. No CDs, DVDS, magazines or books. Everything will be digital. I hope it doesn’t happen soon but it will happen. Look at the evidence. Almost all records stores closed, videos stores closed, many books stores closed. Don’t be surprised if movie theaters are next. Everyone will just hide in their house and download their whole fucking life.

The artist has control, but only to a point. The consumer really dictates the formats. Basically if the fans stop buying something then it stops being made. It is impossible to fight against it because it is the future. I hate it, but it is the sad truth of things to come.

Hellbilly Hollywood said…
Will we ever get to see some more superbeasto, in comic or animated form?

I hope so. I having been talking with Tom Papa lately about bringing Mr. Beasto back. I’m not sure yet in what format, but he will return one day to sort of fight crime and party.

camf90 said…
Were there any particular scenes cut from the shooting schedule of Halloween 2 that you wish you had the opportunity to film?

No particular scene was cut, but I wish I had more time. Right before shooting started we had 2 weeks cut from our already tiny schedule. That is a lot of time to lose, especially when it is really too late to move things around. Basically things like the Phantom Jam went from having 3 nights s to shoot down to 1 night, so something like the death of Harley and Wolfie got really screwed. It becomes a case of filming what you can get done, not what you want to shoot. That was one of the most fucked scenes due to having no time. It is a miracle that the film ever got made under those conditions. I pity the fool who tries to make Halloween 3 under the insane Hell they put directors through at that company. The last time I had fun and was left alone to make a film was The Devil’s Rejects.

Chris said…
I’m getting in to indie filmmaking, and your work (including the “makings of” featurettes have been a huge influence to me. What are the biggest pitfalls a new filmmaker runs into?

Well, let me first start by saying it is the greatest job in the world but it can be nothing at times but nonstop pitfalls. This may sound weird but the most important thing a director needs to do is “get the job done”. Art is great, but if you fall behind schedule and don’t get it done… well, then you will be fired. Plain and simple. A director has to be able to deal with things constantly going wrong and remain calm. That is the nature of the beast. It is not a job for the weak, you will crumble.

You have to be able to think fast and on the fly because things are going to happen that no one could have ever guessed. For example — it rains fucking everyday except when you need it to, cars sink into the mud and can’t be moved, key props were never made but you don’t find out until it is time to shoot, actors don’t bother to learn their lines, film gets destroyed, producers lie about everything, actors don’t return to finish scenes they’ve started and leave you hanging and so on and so on.

Obviously the more experience you have the better you can deal with bullshit.

Hail2theking1428 said…
Would you ever consider writing a prequel to House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects detailing the origins of the Firefly family? I just think that all of the characters in these films are extremely interesting and that a third installment in the franchise would be a reasonable end point.

Not really. There are a couple reasons why this doesn’t appeal to me. One in a prequel you already know how it will all end and two I would have to cast others actors to play the parts if they were going to be playing the early days of the Firefly family and that just doesn’t seem right.