Janthony94 said…
As the greatest horror director, and the great feedback from Halloween, would you remake Nightmare on Elm street, or create a film based on the manson murders, or a snuff film perhaps?

Nightmare On Elm St. has already been remade, I love the idea of making a movie on the Manson murders but there are already too many in production so the idea is kind of beat. Are you sure you know what a snuff film is?

RG said…
Hi Rob,
Were you aware that your name is on the official “Welcome to Haverhill” street sign in Haverhill MA?:
What’s the story behind that?

Yes, I am aware. I have not seen it in person, but I’ve seen a picture. I have no idea how that came about. It just popped up one day. Pretty cool though.

Franky said…
Hi again. I just have to ask another question…don’t wanna be pushy but that’s what you get for caring about your fans 🙂
I’d really like to know what you think of Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Spike Lee. Do you like their movies? Their attitudes? And would you like to team up with them (or one of them) for a movie project? As a movie enthusiast I just have to know this…

I think all three of those guys are cool and have made great films. I already got to team with Quentin and Robert on GRINDHOUSE. I don’t see a Spike Lee team-up in my future.

thiswaytheend said…
As a Rocky Horror fan, would you ever consider casting Tim Curry a part in one of your future films?

Sure. I think he’s awesome. I’ve always loved Rocky Horror ever since I first saw in back in 1980.

Jeeva said…
Well, I have two more technical questions.

The first regarding your choice of aspect ratio for your films. With the exception of the first ‘Halloween’ you shoot all your films in 1.85:1. Is that the one you prefer? And was it your choice to shoot ‘Halloween’ in scope or did the producers demand that?

I love that you shoot your stuff on good old fashioned film, since it’s got a lot more texture and life in it. What do you think about shooting digital and the whole 3D craze that’s going on?

I don’t remember why I shot Halloween in a different aspect ratio, it wasn’t a producer call.

As far as digital, I may try it out soon, how knows. 3D is fine for some movies, but not every movie. I think it is a cool gimmick should be used on the films that need it.