Austin said…
Being such a successful musician and film maker, who do you feel was the most important contact you made to get you where you are today? and how lucky do you feel that you get to do two things you love?

I wish I could say there was one special contact that made all the difference, but life doesn’t work that way. When I started I knew nothing about anything, I had no friends or relatives in the business of either movies or music. It was basically all struggle and hard work. Music was a long slow climb and the same goes for film. That’s way I tell anyone looking for advice that you have to “do it because you have to — and if you can’t — you would rather be dead”. That is how I felt. Most of the time people think that I will give them some magic advise that will give them a short cut, there are no short cuts. I think shows like American Idol have people swayed into thinking that they can win some stupid contest and be a star! I love watching the contestants cry when they get the boot wailing about their dreams. FUCK YOU!

Here is a painful true fact of life, NO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR DREAM! That is why YOU have to give a fuck until it hurts.

I feel very happy to be where I am, but another truth is that, “the harder I work, the luckier I get.” I know it sounds harsh but really that is just the reality of it all.

Martin said…
Hi Rob,

I wanted to ask you if Jesse Dayton gonna make some crazy music for your next movie? Becouse Banjo & Sullivan and Captain Clegg were awesome and it will be nice to hear some new crazy JD’s country tunes in The Lord of Salem.

Yes, there will be crazy music but I don’t think Jesse will be part of it. I love Jesse’s music and the music he has done for me is amazing, but I don’t think his style fits the film this time around.

der_kaninchenbau said…
I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys playing here in Germany!! Have you ever considered making a Western or some sort of Blaxploitation movie? Especially a RZ style Western would be a cinematic dream come true…

Yes, I love westerns and have written several western scripts over the years. Someday I will make one for sure. I also love Blaxploitation films and have thought about doing one. I wonder if the world would go for something like that these days?

Mike Kinney said…
When you were on MTV Cribs you said you buy every horror DVD you can get your hands on. Do you still do that? Have you upgraded to blu-ray yet?

I basically buy every DVD I can get my hands on. I only upgrade special films to blu-ray or buy new stuff on that format.