Tsl87 said…
There are thousands of fans that would love to meet you at horror conventions. Will you or Mrs. Zombie ever make any appearances?

We have no plans at this time to do any horror conventions.

Blodhorn said…
How do you chose your film? and what is your personnal meaning behind them?

The films choose me and by that I mean that getting a film off the ground is almost impossible these days. So I have many different ideas and I move ahead with the one that I can get made at that moment. The Lords Of Salem was an old idea that jump ahead of the pack and now that is in production. Sometimes certain ideas or scripts need time to sit. I never forget about them, it is just that the timing isn’t right.

As far as the meaning I always try in make the films personal to me. You really have only your own life to draw on for reference so that’s what I do. Sometimes it freaks people out. Like the Laurie Strode character in H2, I can only present it as I see it, I can’t present it from someone else’s POV. That is how I remember that age and the way the world seemed to me so I drafted onto the character. I might not always make sense, but it is rooted in reality.

Lauren said…
I live in salem, ma and cannot even begin to express my excitement for this film! What inspired you to make this film and what kind of score can we be expecting?

Having grown up in MA the Salem Witch Trials were always a very interesting topic to me so I knew one day they would find their way into my work. As far as the score, it is a little early to say by I am taking a different approach to this score that the others. I want a more hauntingly melodic score that really sticks in your head. Simple and beautiful but creepy.

13aaa8cc-7525-11e0-b927-000bcdcb2996 said…
Hi Rob. Horror and nerds. Inseparable? One and the same?

That depends on the person. Let me put it this way. If you sit around all day getting into heated arguments over which Michael Myers mask is better. Well, then you just might be a nerd.