hitmbig said…
As I asked for Halloween back on Myspace, how much if any CGI will be used in the new film. I motherfucking hate CGI with a passion in films. It causes to much attention change from the film to ‘damn that shit looks fuckin’ fake’. Love the films you make as evidence by the tattoo I showed you last summer keep it up.

At this time there are no plans to use any CGI in LORDS. I am not a fan of it although I think it can be very effective it used in very subtle ways. But no one uses it that way. To me most live action films are basically turning into animated films. I also think even great actors come off as stiff and awkward when shot on a green screen.

thiswaytheend said…
what was your reaction to the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre during your first viewing? where did you watch it?

The first time I saw Chainsaw was back in 1981( I think) at the 8th Street Playhouse in NYC (amazing theater). I was blown away. I love every second of it and still do.

Juan J. Espinoza said…
I’ve read around the net that House of 1000 Corpses was originally a 105 minutes film. Did you cut that in order to get distribution? or was just a matter of making the film better regardless you got a distribution deal or not?

Truthfully I don’t remember. I was a long time ago. I do remember a couple missing scenes, one with Baby covered in blood standing over Bill dead body and a few other things.

Blodhorn said…
what is the most important in a Rob Zombie’s movie: the story? the message? the subversif meaning, the characters or the possibility of improve your technicity?

The characters. If the characters in a film are interesting I can watch them do just about anything. Most of the time I get bored with films because they are so special effects and plot driven that they forget to create any interesting characters.

coigoodman said…
hi im currently preparing to go to college to study music and film would you happen to know what degree i would need to write music and make music videos? as in direct and produce…. i eventually want to do music and film separately i keep tryin to find out but no one hs any answers for me : and im really serious about it i just dont want to look like an idiot and study all the wrong things lol

The reality of the business is that no one cares about a college degree unless you want to be a teacher. I have never once in 25 years ever even heard that mentioned by anyone. I personally have never asked anybody that question when hiring for a music project or film because it does not matter at all… at all. All that matters is the work you can do. If your work is good you will get hired, if it sucks you will not. It is that simple.

I don’t want to bum you out because obviously going to school and learning is a good idea but don’t be fooled by some piece of paper. In the world of “art” it is worthless. Obviously if you wanted to be a doctor then it is a whole other thing. The truth is while you are in school doing your homework some other dude the same age is on-set working as a P.A. Now he might just be running around getting coffee but he is learning more about how things really work. Hope this helps.