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Archive for May, 2011


Our crazy little buddy MICHAEL J. POLLARD turns 72 today! I can’t believe it. I love this guy and he was one of the first people I cast when HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES got the green light.


RZ and Jeanne Carmen on the set of 1000 Corpses. This very weird scene that was cut from the final film.

You might remember Jeanne from THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS.


Man, that first Hellbilly tour was insane. If you missed it back in 1998 here isa taste of the shit that went down.


Well, shit the bed! The SPAULDING BOBBLEHEADS are back! Get one today at www.halloweentownstore.com


Today is everyone’s favorite rejected maid’s birthday.


Janthony94 said…
As the greatest horror director, and the great feedback from Halloween, would you remake Nightmare on Elm street, or create a film based on the manson murders, or a snuff film perhaps?

Nightmare On Elm St. has already been remade, I love the idea of making a movie on the Manson murders but there are already too many in production so the idea is kind of beat. Are you sure you know what a snuff film is?

RG said…
Hi Rob,
Were you aware that your name is on the official “Welcome to Haverhill” street sign in Haverhill MA?:
What’s the story behind that?

Yes, I am aware. I have not seen it in person, but I’ve seen a picture. I have no idea how that came about. It just popped up one day. Pretty cool though.

Franky said…
Hi again. I just have to ask another question…don’t wanna be pushy but that’s what you get for caring about your fans 🙂
I’d really like to know what you think of Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Spike Lee. Do you like their movies? Their attitudes? And would you like to team up with them (or one of them) for a movie project? As a movie enthusiast I just have to know this…

I think all three of those guys are cool and have made great films. I already got to team with Quentin and Robert on GRINDHOUSE. I don’t see a Spike Lee team-up in my future.

thiswaytheend said…
As a Rocky Horror fan, would you ever consider casting Tim Curry a part in one of your future films?

Sure. I think he’s awesome. I’ve always loved Rocky Horror ever since I first saw in back in 1980.

Jeeva said…
Well, I have two more technical questions.

The first regarding your choice of aspect ratio for your films. With the exception of the first ‘Halloween’ you shoot all your films in 1.85:1. Is that the one you prefer? And was it your choice to shoot ‘Halloween’ in scope or did the producers demand that?

I love that you shoot your stuff on good old fashioned film, since it’s got a lot more texture and life in it. What do you think about shooting digital and the whole 3D craze that’s going on?

I don’t remember why I shot Halloween in a different aspect ratio, it wasn’t a producer call.

As far as digital, I may try it out soon, how knows. 3D is fine for some movies, but not every movie. I think it is a cool gimmick should be used on the films that need it.


Our friend Sybil is blowing out candles today.


If birthday boy Sean Whelan proves anything in these shots … don’t stop to pick up screaming bloody girls on dark back roads.


hitmbig said…
As I asked for Halloween back on Myspace, how much if any CGI will be used in the new film. I motherfucking hate CGI with a passion in films. It causes to much attention change from the film to ‘damn that shit looks fuckin’ fake’. Love the films you make as evidence by the tattoo I showed you last summer keep it up.

At this time there are no plans to use any CGI in LORDS. I am not a fan of it although I think it can be very effective it used in very subtle ways. But no one uses it that way. To me most live action films are basically turning into animated films. I also think even great actors come off as stiff and awkward when shot on a green screen.

thiswaytheend said…
what was your reaction to the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre during your first viewing? where did you watch it?

The first time I saw Chainsaw was back in 1981( I think) at the 8th Street Playhouse in NYC (amazing theater). I was blown away. I love every second of it and still do.

Juan J. Espinoza said…
I’ve read around the net that House of 1000 Corpses was originally a 105 minutes film. Did you cut that in order to get distribution? or was just a matter of making the film better regardless you got a distribution deal or not?

Truthfully I don’t remember. I was a long time ago. I do remember a couple missing scenes, one with Baby covered in blood standing over Bill dead body and a few other things.

Blodhorn said…
what is the most important in a Rob Zombie’s movie: the story? the message? the subversif meaning, the characters or the possibility of improve your technicity?

The characters. If the characters in a film are interesting I can watch them do just about anything. Most of the time I get bored with films because they are so special effects and plot driven that they forget to create any interesting characters.

coigoodman said…
hi im currently preparing to go to college to study music and film would you happen to know what degree i would need to write music and make music videos? as in direct and produce…. i eventually want to do music and film separately i keep tryin to find out but no one hs any answers for me : and im really serious about it i just dont want to look like an idiot and study all the wrong things lol

The reality of the business is that no one cares about a college degree unless you want to be a teacher. I have never once in 25 years ever even heard that mentioned by anyone. I personally have never asked anybody that question when hiring for a music project or film because it does not matter at all… at all. All that matters is the work you can do. If your work is good you will get hired, if it sucks you will not. It is that simple.

I don’t want to bum you out because obviously going to school and learning is a good idea but don’t be fooled by some piece of paper. In the world of “art” it is worthless. Obviously if you wanted to be a doctor then it is a whole other thing. The truth is while you are in school doing your homework some other dude the same age is on-set working as a P.A. Now he might just be running around getting coffee but he is learning more about how things really work. Hope this helps.


Rob Zombie Talks “The Lords of Salem”, Woolite Commercial, and Next “Dark, Crazy” Record

Rob Zombie really can do it all.

He’s one of the most versatile artists in history seguing from making music to making movies seamlessly and always creating unique, unforgettable, and undeniable art no matter the medium. Right now, Zombie’s busier than ever.

He’s gearing up for what’s bound to be a legendary tour with Slayer aptly titled “Hell On Earth”, he just wrapped up a commercial for Woolite, he’s contemplating new music, and he’s about to get started on his next feature, The Lords of Salem. Even though he’s beyond busy, he preserves that palpable passion for every nuance and detail that made White Zombie records like Astro-Creep: 2000 – Songs of Love, Destruction and Other Synthetic Delusions of the Electric Head classics. Zombie approaches each work with a pure enthusiasm that’s infectious when he speaks and even more infectious when the finished product is ready…

In between all of this, Rob Zombie sat down for an exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino about the commercial, touring with Slayer, The Lords of Salem, and what he keeps learning along the way.

Did you get to apply a lot of your personal storytelling techniques to the Woolite commercial? You have to tell a story in about 30 seconds so it’s not that different from what you normally do.

Somewhat! It was an interesting situation to handle. It was just one of those projects that came to me. I wasn’t searching out shooting a commercial. A lot of directors do commercials, but most of the time they don’t talk about it so you don’t realize it. I just thought it was cool so I’d been mentioning it. I was on tour in Australia when it came up. I got a call that this ad agency had pitched this crazy idea to Woolite, and they wanted me to direct it. They essentially wanted a commercial that the first half resembled a horror movie trailer. They needed something along those lines, and they thought I could handle it. It was fun. We shot it over two days in Vancouver. My director of photography who worked on Halloween II came in and worked with me. I like doing things like that for the experience. It was like when I did CSI, I wanted the experience of doing a television show. You just want to have it under your belt. Also, the more direct gigs I can get between films, I always learn something from everything.

You can take everything you learn and infuse it into the next feature as well.

Yeah, there’s always something because every situation calls for a different set of techniques, and it’s just a good experience. Experience is the one thing that you always want to be gathering. I don’t know how this is useful, but it will be at some point someday.

Your career is a testament to that. Each art form you immerse yourself in will inform the next.

Exactly! It’s always good to shake it up and step outside of what you would normally do because it forces you to think about things a different way. If you’re always doing the same thing, you fall into a big rut. Whenever these opportunities come up, I’m intrigued. With this commercial in particular, I was more interested in shooting the moments that weren’t supposed to be dark and scary because that’s a different type of challenge for me. It’s something that I wanted people to see. Sometimes, people pigeonhole you. They think, “We didn’t call him for that because he doesn’t do that.” It’s nice when you have more diverse things on your resume so to speak.

Where there any commercials you remember being inspired by as a kid?

I’m sure there was stuff, but it’s all sort of a blur. Some commercials are absolutely horrible, but some are absolutely brilliant. Like you said, you have to tell a story in about 30 seconds. That’s how long this spot was. Some are really funny and cool. There was that famous commercial during this past Super Bowl with the little kid as Darth Vader. It was a great commercial. You’re selling a product, but it’s cool when it can be done in a skillful, artful way that’s actually entertaining as opposed to being just crass like so many commercials are. When they come on, you just groan.

A commercial is even shorter than a song so the narrative is genuinely compact.

If you break it down, we probably told the whole story in a matter of 15 shots or something like that.

Where are you at on The Lords of Salem?

We’re in early pre-production. It’s a very effects-heavy movie so the effects department had to start much earlier than they have on my other films. They’ve been working for a month or so now, building and working on things. Once I finish the tour with Slayer, then we’ll go into full-blown pre-production with everything. The difference with film as opposed to the other films I’ve done, the producers on this are the guys who did Paranormal Activity. They have a different company and they run it a different way. I’ve been working on this movie for a while in different ways. Usually, you’re not working at all and the studio goes, “Okay, green light! We need it done by this time” and you’re in complete madness. Whereas this time, I’ve already location-scouted many times so I have a lot of locations. It’s a more drawn out process which is good because you get to dig deeper into the project. From the moment Halloween II started to when it was in theaters, it was a period of about seven months. That’s complete madness. You’re just racing like maniac every single day to get it done. It’s nice to have a little more time to reflect on what you’re trying to accomplish. We’ll start shooting at the end of the summer.

Are you going back to Massachusetts to shoot?

For some of it probably.

Salem has so much history that has never been really explored in a movie.

And it’s a very unique-looking town when it comes to the architecture of the buildings and the streets. I had kind of forgotten. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid, and I went back there recently to do some scouting. I forgot how interesting the houses and the buildings were. It’s very cinematic. It’s a great back backdrop for something like this.

Is the film deeply connected to your song “The Lords of Salem”?

Not really, the film idea actually came first. I had the idea for the movie a long time ago. I started writing the script and, at one point, I was possibly going to do it as a comic. I just get ideas, and I’m never really sure how they’re going to manifest themselves eventually. I shelved that for a while, but I still liked the title. Then, it became a song. The song is actually sort of about the Salem Witch Trials. In the last year or so, it popped back up. I found the script, and I thought, “This is pretty cool” so I went ahead with trying to get it made.

You and Slayer do very different things, but you speak to the same audience.

I think it’s a good match because it’s not unlike the tour with Alice Cooper where both acts are very different, but there’s a certain sensibility that crosses over in both audiences. Rather than two full sets of being pounded over the head with the same type of thing, musically we’re so different and we complement each other well. It feels like it’s going to be a really great tour.

Have you begun working on any new music yet?

I was actually talking about it with John 5 the other day for a long time. We’re very excited to get back to it. I feel like it’s been a journey back. It’s like the long way around. Educated Horses was sort of this weird reformation of the band. Hellbilly Deluxe 2 was edging back to the old days. Now, with the new band, we really want to take it back to the beginning in a weird way—just a dark, crazy Zombie record. It’s almost exactly like what I think people would want us to do.

—Rick Florino


Today is big Matt’s B-Day. We all miss the big guy.

RZ and Matt on the first day of working on Rejects.


Tsl87 said…
Whose idea was it to put in the footage of Danielle as a child after her death scene in H2? That whole scene was brilliant! The acting, the score… just a perfect scene. Only horror movie that ever made me tear up.

Well, obviously it was my idea. Since it is my movie. Funny you mention it, that is one of the things the studio fucking hated.

JasonZombie said…
Your most watched or favourite zombie movie of all time? Mine personally is George A.Romero’s Night of The Living Dead 🙂

That is a great film, but I think my fav is DAWN OF THE DEAD. I’ve seen that film at least a couple hundred times.

mario_0821 said…
Hi, Rob. Any chance we will ever hear the song “Little Piggy” off the HOTC soundtrack live? We finnaly got you to play Pussy Liquor, which I was lucky enought to see in Tucson, AZ when you played for 2 hours!

Not anytime soon. Ginger has enough songs to learn I don’t want to kill the guy on his first tour.

thekillerawoke said…
I read somewhere once that you moved to New York when you were 18, but you dropped out of school (or got kicked out)… how did you support yourself ? where exactly in NYC did you leave ? Not sure how much of that is true…but it would be interesting to see an answer.

All true. I got kicked out of college and lived on the Lower East side. This was in 1983 so it wasn’t the swell place it is today. I worked as a bike messenger mostly, then as a PA on Pee Wee’s Playhouse and then finally as a graphic artist for a bunch of porn mags. Then White Zombie signed to Geffen and the band was my job.

LaurieStrode13 said…
Hi Rob. I was wondering, what was your inspiration for the white horse in H2? Thanks.

The inspiration hit one morning while driving to set. I saw a team of white horses running through the mist in a field. It was amazing. By the time I got to set I was looking for a giant white horse to use. Deborah and the white horse in the hallway is one of my favorites images.

Sam Hain said…
How did you enjoy your experience working with Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights? Which of your other movies do you think would make excellent mazes?

The gang at Universal are great. Really true horror fans. Last year’s 1000 Corpses maze was a huge, huge it so I am hoping that maybe one day we can do a LORDS OF SALEM maze.

Tsl87 said…
In the van crash scene in H2 when the coroner repeats “fuck” over and over, was that a middle finger to your critics that say you are too vulgar? I think H2 (directors cut) will become a cult classic one day. Some of the best acting I’ve seen in a horror movie.

No, I don’t was film responding to critics. That was just a choice between me and the actor made at that time. I love it because it is awkward, which is exactly how people act when they are hurt. And to anyone that thinks I am vulgar well, go FUCK YOURSELF YOU COCK SUCKING FUCKING CUNT! Ha.

Chris said…
Mr. Zombie, how much of your films are totally your works? As in are they your finished thoughts and you have other writers edit and fine tune them, or do you sit down with a group of folks with just an idea that you all collaborate on?

I am the only writer involved on any of my films except EL SUPERBEASTO which Tom Papa and I wrote together. Although the comic it was based on was written solely by me.



Thought it was time to repost and see if you have any more questions. Put them here and I will answer them.


Austin said…
Being such a successful musician and film maker, who do you feel was the most important contact you made to get you where you are today? and how lucky do you feel that you get to do two things you love?

I wish I could say there was one special contact that made all the difference, but life doesn’t work that way. When I started I knew nothing about anything, I had no friends or relatives in the business of either movies or music. It was basically all struggle and hard work. Music was a long slow climb and the same goes for film. That’s way I tell anyone looking for advice that you have to “do it because you have to — and if you can’t — you would rather be dead”. That is how I felt. Most of the time people think that I will give them some magic advise that will give them a short cut, there are no short cuts. I think shows like American Idol have people swayed into thinking that they can win some stupid contest and be a star! I love watching the contestants cry when they get the boot wailing about their dreams. FUCK YOU!

Here is a painful true fact of life, NO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR DREAM! That is why YOU have to give a fuck until it hurts.

I feel very happy to be where I am, but another truth is that, “the harder I work, the luckier I get.” I know it sounds harsh but really that is just the reality of it all.

Martin said…
Hi Rob,

I wanted to ask you if Jesse Dayton gonna make some crazy music for your next movie? Becouse Banjo & Sullivan and Captain Clegg were awesome and it will be nice to hear some new crazy JD’s country tunes in The Lord of Salem.

Yes, there will be crazy music but I don’t think Jesse will be part of it. I love Jesse’s music and the music he has done for me is amazing, but I don’t think his style fits the film this time around.

der_kaninchenbau said…
I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys playing here in Germany!! Have you ever considered making a Western or some sort of Blaxploitation movie? Especially a RZ style Western would be a cinematic dream come true…

Yes, I love westerns and have written several western scripts over the years. Someday I will make one for sure. I also love Blaxploitation films and have thought about doing one. I wonder if the world would go for something like that these days?

Mike Kinney said…
When you were on MTV Cribs you said you buy every horror DVD you can get your hands on. Do you still do that? Have you upgraded to blu-ray yet?

I basically buy every DVD I can get my hands on. I only upgrade special films to blu-ray or buy new stuff on that format.


“THE LORD OF SALEM’s SFX master Wayne Toth took a few pictures of the work happening at his shop yesterday. I know you can’t really see much, but come on it’s way too early to give away these things. Take a look and see what you can uncover. “


RZ and Tom Papa hit the bar after wrapping up LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY.


Martin said…
Hi Rob,
I wanted to ask you what’s your favorite Jack Hill movie. And have you ever thought about Pam Grier doing a cameo in one of your movies? Couse we have seen Tura Satana in one of your movies and it would be cool to see more badass exploitation film actresses in your movies.

I have two favorite Hill films. First is Spider Baby with our pal Sid and the second is Coffy. Although Foxy Brown, Pit Stop,The Big Doll House and The Big Bird Cage are awesome. I often thought about using Pam Grier in my films. I love her. Not sure why it hasn’t happened yet.

SpookyKooky said…
I really enjoy your screenplays and I own a copy of “The Devils Rejects” hardcopy that you brought out with Neca. I’d love to read your screenplay for “H2″… Will you ever release it or make it available online?

I would like to release it in the same way as Rejects but I have no plans at the moment. I also have materials for a HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES one. But first I think I will put one out for THE LORDS OF SALEM.

Rich M Waters said…
I think you’re one of the better horror director’s today and I dig your music, but you always see a lot of critics saying stick to the music instead of the films. What do you make of this? Do you think is it a case of thinking people are just being critical for the sake of it?

Who knows, who cares. My movies have a very “love it or hate it” vibe and these days that is no the flavor. The flavor is vanilla, because everybody likes vanilla and vanilla could never offend anyone. As so I think the internet has created a culture of non-stop bitching.

thekillerawoke said…
favorite munsters episode ?

I love them all but some of my favs are “ZOMBO”, “WILL SUCCESS SPOIL HERMAN MUNSTER?” and “HOT ROD HERMAN”.


What are your three favourite ALICE COOPER albums?

“LoveIt To Death”, Welcome To My Nightmare” and “Muscle Of Love”.



I’ve heard a lot of talk of the good old days on The Devil’s Rejects message board lately. Well, until THE LORDS OF SALEM board is up and running I say we all use this blog thread as you new meeting place until we movie it over.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get to know each other. Here’s how. Answer these few simple questions:

1. Favorite 5 movies
2. Favorite 5 actors/actresses
3. Favorite 5 bands/musicians
4. Favorite concert experience
5. Favorite convention experience
6. Ultimate dream

Okay that should get the ball rolling. GO!


Austin said…
how do you start your writing process? does an idea just pop into your head and you run with it? or do you think of something then go into character development and plot outline?

I just basically get an idea. I usually think about for awhile before I even write it down. It just bounces around in my head. Then finally I will start writing. I don’t outline or break it down in any way. I just start. The first 20 to 30 pages flies out then I get stuck. MOst writing books say to push through to the end and finish a rough draft no matter how rough, but I don’t. I keep working until I figure out who the characters are then it just flows. Although it does help if I have the ending so I know where I am headed.

arrillaga60 said…
Any casting news for “Lords fo Salem”?? I’m very exciting!! Is the lovely Dee Wallace involved??

Not yet, but soon. I have many new people that I am very excited to work with. Hopefully they we sign onto the picture.

The Gill-Man said…
H2, in my opinion, had a strong influence from director David Lynch. Do you have a favorite Lynch film? What other directors do you view as influences on your work?

Everything has an influence in some way or another. I love so many directors that it is hard to just name a few who have influenced me. As far as David Lynch films I think The Elephant Man might be my favorite, but I love Eraserhead, Wild At Heart, Mullholland Dr. and Blue Velvet.

Moondragon said…
When you have someone make a website for The Lords of Salem, can it have a message board, please? It was fun posting on the official Devil’s Rejects board back in the day, I remember when the board opened, you answered some of our questions, and that was awesome of you. Your fans need a message board so we can get to know each other better, I am still friends with a lot of people I met on the Rejects board, and it would be awesome to meet other Zombieheads.

Sure thing. When we have a Lords site it will have a message board.



Here are a few snaps of Tom on stage in his first stand-up comedy special.


thekillerawoke said…
Which film of yours do you think is the most creatively and artistically successful?

The Devil’s Rejects is most satisfying for me mostly due to the fact that is the only film I have made with no studio meddling. It is exactly the film I wanted to make and I think it succeeds because of that. I work best we outside forces aren’t constantly jamming themselves into the process.

Mike Kinney said…
When you were on MTV Cribs you said you buy every horror DVD you can get your hands on. Do you still do that? Have you upgraded to blu-ray yet?

I still buy tons and tons of DVDs. I won’t bother upgrading everything to blue-ray but some films for sure. Even though everything is going digital I still like owning a hard copy of every film. It is not just horror, it is everything.

arrillaga60 said…
When will you shoot “Lords of Salem”?? Variety reports that spring time was the beginning. Is any of these poeple on board for “Salem”: Caroline Munro, Bruce Campbell, Dee Wallace, Cassandra Peterson??? Love all your flicks. THANKS.

We have begun working, but not shooting yet. This is a very practical FXs heavy film, so that department has been working for awhile building insane shit. I will start after the summer. No one is on board yet but casting will start very soon.

Jeeva said…
First… I was wondering what your thoughts are on (old school) directors Sam Peckinpah and Walter Hill. I sense a little of their style in your work.

I love both those directors especially Peckinpah. Films like The Getaway, The Ballad Of Cable Hogue, Ride The High Country, The WIld Bunch and Brin ME The Head Of Alfredo Garcia are some of my fav films. Walter Hill’s Hard Times, The Long Riders, Southern Comfort and The Warriors are some of my favorites.