Well, I can’t say that this was any big surprise but really 70 percent of the vote! That’s a major landslide my friends. What can I say? The kids love The Captain!
A recent interview from HORRORDEMONS.COM

SID HAIG: Quentin is on a very short list of directors I would work with any time, and any where. Rob Zombie is another guy I would work with any time.

MIKE RUSSO (HD): Which leads us to House Of 1000 Corpses. How did Captain Spaulding find you?

SID HAIG: Well by that point I had quit acting. I was tired of the parts I was getting, and had just had enough. I had gone back to school and become a hypno-therapist. So I was practicing therapist when I got a call from my agent. Who I hadn’t spoken too in over a year. He said if you are interested there is a part that is being offered to you. He says read the script, if you like it I am told the part is yours… I figured what the hell. I read it, and I thought this is a part I can have a lot of fun with. So I agreed, and that was the part of Spaulding.

MIKE RUSSO (HD): Did Rob give you the freedom to play with dialogue, or was it all basically what was written in the script?

SID HAIG: No Rob was great. He would let me go off and make stuff up. If it worked we used it, if it didn’t we scrapped it.

MIKE RUSSO (HD): Did you like working will Bill Mosely?

SID HAIG: Oh yeah, it was good working with Bill.

MIKE RUSSO (HD): How about Sheri Moon Zombie?

SID HAIG: Sheri is like a daughter to me. She was great to work with. We had a lot of fun together… You know I remember being at Rob, and Sheri’s wedding. I was standing next to Rob’s brother, and he said to me “it’s weird standing next to you like this” I asked him what was weird about it? He said “well I remember when we were kids Rob used to watch you on Jason Of Star Command (now available on DVD), and now here you are at his wedding.”

MIKE RUSSO (HD): How was the sequel brought to you?

SID HAIG: [laughs] Well it was a little strange. I get a call one day from Rob. He says “I don’t have long to talk. I am on the other line with the Hollywood Reporter. If we did a sequel to House Of 1000 Corpses would you be in it?” I said yes. He said goodbye, and The Devils Rejects was born.

MIKE RUSSO (HD): Which did you like working on more?

SID HAIG: I liked the Devils Rejects more, only because there was more background on my character. Who he was, and what not. But I enjoyed the experience of both films.

MIKE RUSSO (HD): Can you give me a line you remember making up for Devils Rejects?

SID HAIG: Tooty Fucking Fruity. [laughs]

MIKE RUSSO (HD): Do you think a prequel is something you would have interest in?

SID HAIG: I imagine a prequel would have other actors in it playing younger versions of us. So I don’t think I would be asked to be in a movie like that.

MIKE RUSSO (HD)Since House Of 1000 Corpses you have become a horror icon. How does that make you feel?

SID HAIG: In the beginning it made me feel uncomfortable. But I really like it now. I am very appreciative of the fans for treating me the way they do. I don’t know if I am worthy of it all. But I am so grateful. You know 30 years ago I dreamed of being famous, after so many years you kind of give up on that dream. But to have it all come to me now, I know I am blessed. I will always be grateful to the fans.


Big Mr. Mike came in at number 2 with 21% percent of the votes.

I guess he is a sore loser.