Kashmir tells me there is a horror host convention this weekend. I say,” this is not possible because I have not received invitation”. But then I see advertisement and my eyes do not understand. How could my puppets gather and not have their hero to guide them? Maybe they are afraid I steal the show again. No really, I ran off with all the money last time. I have children to feed. Below I have put proof of this event. Who are these people?

I think I saw this clown in crowd at Phantom Jam taking notes and stealing my act.

Is this man a Dracula? He looks like Mr. Doblonski the man at meat counter who cuts my swiss cheese slices.

Now we have cowboys in the horror game? Wasn’t he in Casino? Yeah, Joe Pesci smacked him with telephone.

Son of old hippie maybe.

Okay now we are talking. Talking about something happening in my trousers. This one can host my horror anytime. No really.

I do not care to go to this Horrorhound weekend because I stay home and play dirty Frankenstein with these two ladies I still have locked in basement from Phantom Jam 2009.