Well, I did a little digging an uncovered a song recorded by our pal Eugene. I guess back in 93 kid was shopping his demo around town for a top producer. For your pleasure Eugene’s letter.

Dear Producers at XXXXXXXX
Here is my self-produced “Demo” album that I promised you. As I explained in my previous letter, these songs are in the rough state and I placed guitar riffs and a baseline in where they should be placed…etc. I feel with your musical expertise we could turn this into “Gold”! These songs flowed out of me and I have a whole catalogue of similar songs from “the Broken Heart”. I think this can be an unusual concept album that a whole market (in multiple demos) can relate to, I mean who hasn’t been there before?

Again I really feel that this is a diamond in the rough and if properly re-mastered and fine-tuned it could be lucrative for all parties. We don’t necessarily have to use my voice but I am open to receiving professional training.

I look forward to meeting with you in the near future. Rock on.

Eugene S. Van Dekak