He’s back!

I just received this nice little picture and a letter from Eugene’s lawyer. Enjoy.
Dear Mr. Robert Zombie:

As you have been made aware from numerous emails we have sent you this past week, I represent Mr. Eugene S. Van Dekak on matters pertaining to his ownership and copyright of his trademark “Everything is Boring” used for the last three years on Mr. Van Dekak’s blog: Eugene’s Entertainment Report. As I have stated in previous emails, Mr.Van Dekak has invested significant sums of his own money in order to develop, produce and maintain his internet video blog. Your use of his trademark catch phrase “Everything is Boring” as the title and in the lyrics of a rock and roll song has caused my client serious harm both financial and psychological.
It is not generally my practice to provide free legal analysis, but in the interests of finding some solution as painlessly and efficiently as possible, we again are asking for the sum of $350,000 in damages with an added 15% of all gross income (before taxes) generated from future sales of the song “Everything is Boring”, as we have already stated now on three different occasions. Of Course, this is only my opinion, and I urge you to refer any questions you have to your own, apparently quite capable legal counsel. If you will not comply with this request, please provide the requested documents I have described in my previous emails. My client has now halted his production of further blog webisodes until a future agreement is met.
I hope you are able to appreciate our side of this issue, the well being of my client Mr. Van Dekak and can agree with our terms accordingly. We look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience. Thank you once again for your time and thoughtful consideration of this matter, and I hope we can quickly resolve our differences.

Drago Rutherford the II
Counsel for Mr. Van Dekak