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Zombie explains why the ‘Werewolf Women’ movie version didn’t pan out

Sci Fi Now Werewolf Women

It’s another of the ‘most asked’ questions by Rob Zombie fans; ‘Will the Werewolf Women of the SS trailer be made into a full fledged movie?’

As part of a fuller interview with SciFi Now, Rob Zombie explains why this spin-off from the Grindhouse movies, won’t be happening.  (more…)

Screencrush speaks to Rob Zombie about upcoming movies and why musicians make horrible actors

With fans watching the latest tour being treated with a tease of The Lords of Salem trailer, what better time than to read a new interview with Rob Zombie, this time from Screencrush.


Rob Zombie Interview: Talks Upcoming Projects and Why Musicians Are Horrible Actors by: Liz Ramanand

Renowned horror film director, screen writer, producer and heavy metal frontman Rob Zombie is best known for his work on ‘The Devil’s Rejects,’ ‘Halloween,’ ‘Halloween II’ and other projects in both television and film.

He recently finished production his latest film ‘The Lords of Salem’ and when we spoke to him he talked all about being a film director and it’s challenges. Mr. Zombie also dished on his upcoming projects and why he thinks musicians are terrible actors. (more…)