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From Powerline: Live photos of Zombie at the Hammersmith Ballroom NYC

Rob Zombie photos by Frank White from Powerline

Rob Zombie performed at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, October 17, 2012, as part of the Twins of Evil tour.

To check out some cool photos from the night taken by Powerline Mags  photographer Frank White, go here: powerlinemag.com/live-photos-rob-zombie-at-the-hammerstein-ballroom-nyc/

And the show goes ON! REVIEW: Zombie Invades The Covelli Centre With Manson

Yes, yes, storm in a teacup as the Brits would say. Sod the gossip because the show goes on. Read this excellent review for the Youngstown Ohio show and don’t forget, tickets are still available in some places, and Golden Tickets too, so if you haven’t booked yet, what are you waiting for. Thanks to 98.5 WNCX for the review.

The resounding call of the Zombie has once again been answered last night at the Covelli Centre in Youngstown, Ohio. The “Twins of Evil” tour infiltrated the unsuspecting arena with Marilyn Manson and Slipknot’s #0, DJ Starscream, providing opening support for Rob Zombie who was at the helm of this metal madness. Without fail or disappointment, Rob Zombie delivered his sensuous onslaught with bombast and fervor.


REVIEW: Zombie at the DTE Energy Music Theatre October 12, 2012

Read Motor City Blogs review of Zombies performance  from October 12’s Twins of Evil show.

To read the full review go to: motorcityblog.blogspot.co.uk/twins-of-terror-marilyn-manson-and-rob

What better way to close out the concert season at one of the most often top ranked music venues in the country than with a chilly October night featuring two of the most chilling and thematic acts touring this year. Veteran shock rocker Marilyn Manson paired up with horror aficionado Rob Zombie to bring a stunning, emphatic close to the concert season at DTE Energy Music Theatre on Friday October 12th…..with terror master Rob Zombie storming forth for his set from a giant mechanical creature, harking back to the days when metal bands put on a true kick ass stage show. (more…)

Spookshow Baby! Rob Zombie Cannibalizes Detroit

Rob Zombie speaks to Real Detroit Weekly about the passions that keep him motivated everyday, whether it be in his work, at play or life in general.  Rob Zombie will be in Detroit tonight (12 October) as part of the Twins of Evil tour with Marilyn Manson.  Enjoy the interview.

Spookshow Baby!  Rob Zombie Cannibalizes Detroit by Adam O’Connor

The thing about Rob Zombie that many people seem not to understand is that – aside from having sold upwards of 15 million albums as a living dead rock star of epic proportion over the past quarter-century and helmed numerous films successfully – he’s really just a dude. Granted, his legal surname actually is Zombie, and yes, he utilizes every ghoulish trick, antic and mind-blowing visual and aural stunt imaginable during his live permormances – certainly providing one of the most incredibly dynamic and entertaining live shows of any modern musician (more…)

Rochester City Paper interviews Rob Zombie

The Twins of Evil tour is in full swing.  It comes at the end of a busy year for Rob Zombie; a year that has seen him already do one tour (co-headline with Megadeth), finish production on a new movie (The Lords of Salem) and go into the studio with his band to record a new album. The Rochester City Paper chats with Rob Zombie about all his different projects and the current tour.  Enjoy!

ZOMBIE-FIED! by Frank DeBlase

Rob Zombie’s brutal creativity is spread equally over his music and films. Both aspects of his career bleed with a visceral cult verve and classic B-movie horror. Zombie’s work is over the top. Whether rocking the stage with his trademark metal/industrial kerrang or getting his slasher ya-ya’s out on film, one look, one listen and you know it’s Zombie. (more…)

Rob Zombie calls 100.3 The Edge to explain tour date cancellation and reschedule

As many of you are aware, especially for those who had tickets to the show, Rob Zombie had to cancel the October 6 show in Little Rock due to safety concerns, not only for himself and the band and the crew, but importantly for his fans. The cancellation was due to weather conditions that not only made it dangerous to set up the stage for the show but also conditions that the fans would have been watching the show in. Rob Zombie phoned local radio station 100.3 The Edge to explain the position reached and to let everyone know the show had been rescheduled to October 29. All tickets will be honored. Information will be going up on the main tour page soon.

To listen to Rob explain why the decision was taken


Westword Blogs reviews Rob Zombie: ‘one of the most visually and sonically emotionally engaging shows you’re likely to see all year’

Westword.com have reviewed the Twins of Evil tour date from 2nd October in Denver.  In a six page review replete with images and full write up for both Zombie and Marilyn Manson, as well as DJ Starscream, they have hailed the show as ‘one of the most visually and sonically emotionally engaging shows you’re likely to see all year’.  Included here is the review for the Rob Zombie portion of the show, but feel free to click back to Westword.com to read the full review including Marilyn Manson’s own set.  It’s a great write up in all.

Twins of Evil Tour: Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson at 1STBANK Center, 10/02/12 By Tom Murphy

Before Rob Zombie went on, a huge drape with the image of King Kong on the front blocked us from seeing the set change and yet provided a compelling image from the stage when nothing else was going on. Which was much appreciated. (more…)

Lawrence.com speaks to Rob Zombie: It’s hard work being this evil!

Rob Zombie, Piggy D, John 5 and Ginger Fish

Ahead of the Twins of Evil hitting Topeka (Thurs 4 Oct), Rob Zombie sat down to have a chat with Lawrence.com where he speaks about his promise to bring an “epic show”, how music and movie work is a perfect balance for each other, and much more.

Rob Zombie promises epic theatrics in upcoming Topeka show By Mike Krings

It’s hard work being this evil.

Veteran rocker and horror filmmaker Rob Zombie has bounced back and forth between recording, touring and making movies for 20 years now, finding his own brand of success in two endeavors that have each burned out more than a few creative minds. (more…)

Salt Lake Tribune interviews the Twins of Evil

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson team up for the Twins of Evil USA and European tour dates

On October 1 the Twins of Evil hit Salt Lake City for another show of sounds, sights and extremities.  Before the show both artists sat down to chat with the Salt Lake Tribune to discuss their work, staging and more.

Brian Hugh Warner — better known as Marilyn Manson — is now 43, and many dismiss him as a musician past his expiration date.

But when Manson’s album “Born Villain” was released in May, it debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard album chart and broke iTunes’ Top 10 album lists in 22 countries.

Those numbers prove that Manson, who will headline the “Twins of Evil” tour with Rob Zombie on Monday, remains a commercial force. (more…)

Rob Zombie: the second coming of Rodney Dangerfield

Rob Zombie

Check out this new interview from the Illinois Entertainer, Chicagoland’s Free Music Monthly Magazine.  In it Rob speaks about the way heavy metal music and horror movies are overlooked by their peers.

You can read the full interview HERE on their free online magazine e-reader (pg 28 & 47).

Just call Rob Zombie the second coming of Rodney Dangerfield. The two differ drastically in appearance (Zombie prefers graphic tees and unruly bedhead to Dangerfield’s trademark white collared shirt and sloppy red tie), but both curse the establishment with the same mantra: “I don’t get no respect!” (more…)

Artist Direct Review: There’s no experience on earth like a Rob Zombie show

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson to appear at Desert Uprising
The reviews are coming in. Check this great one from ArtistDirect.

On the other end of the spectrum yet equally powerful and memorable, Rob Zombie killed with kinetic energy as the “Twins of Evil” tour pairing him and Marilyn Manson also kicked off as part of Desert Uprising.There’s no experience on earth like a Rob Zombie show. If you haven’t seen him, you haven’t lived, and that’s a fact. Let that marinate… (more…)

Rob Zombie to appear on Loudwire Radio this weekend – read an excerpt of the interview NOW!

Rob Zombie embarks on his co-headlining Twins of Evil tour with Marilyn Manson from tonight (September 28) in Arizona at the first Desert Uprising. But before he began the tour, Rob sat down with Loudwire Radio to chew the fat about the tour, his new movie The Lords of Salem and more.

To read an extract from the interview and find out where you can listen to Loudwire Radio (more…)

Revolver Magazine Excerpt – Rob Zombie talks The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie interviewed by Revolver Magazine

A few days ago we showcased the new cover of Revolver Magazine which this month features a Rock! Shock! and Horror! issue with Twins of Evil co-headliners, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson on the front, emulating an infamous scene from Stanley Kubricks classic The Shining.  Now Revolver magazine have released an excerpt of that interview online where Rob Zombie speaks about his new movie The Lords of Salem.

To see the extract and find out how to get hold of your copy of the magazine  (more…)

Rob Zombie on his next album: ‘by far the favorite thing I’ve ever done in my whole life.’

Rob Zombie, Piggy D, John 5 and Ginger Fish

Rob Zombie has been busy this year.  He has a new movie coming, he has released a remix album and he has also been in the studio recording a new album.  Couple that with a tour with Megadeth earlier this year and now a co-headliner with Marilyn Manson which kicks off this Friday (28 September).

The Phoenix New Times Blog caught up with Rob a few days ago and asked him about his new record, touring with Manson and girls in the crowd at his shows.  Enjoy!

Rob Zombie on His New Record, New Movie, and Why Metal Shows Need Girls By Lauren Wise

Rob Zombie isn’t out to terrify you. He’s out to blow your mind. He holds a number of titles: director, artist, musician, actor, writer, lover, and freak show.

And everything he does is loaded up with theatrics, subtle intelligence, and aggression.  (more…)

Rob Zombie: ‘To me, nothing matters but the show.’

It is just two days until the Twins of Evil hits the road.  Preparations have been made, props are in transit and you can hear all across the land the faint chant of “Zombie, Zombie, Zombie”.  In the run up to the tour, Denver’s Westword Blog, caught up with Rob as he was making his way to check out props for the show.  Enjoy the interview!

Rob Zombie on Pee-wee’s Playhouse, and how he’s not on tour to party and to fuck around By Tom Murphy

Rob Zombie originally came to prominence with his first band, White Zombie. With a penchant for campy horror imagery and music that was the perfect mutant blend of an industrial aesthetic with trashy metal and punk, White Zombie was one in a handful of bands that crossed the alternative-rock world and the metal world at a time when the former was going out of vogue. (more…)

Slipknot’s Sid Wilson to replace J-Devil on Twins of Evil tour

Slipknots Sid Wilson to replace Jonathan Davis on Twins of Evil Tour

J-Devil (aka Korn’s frontman Jonathan Davis) will be replaced on the Twins of Evil tour with Slipknot’s Sid Wilson, after doctors ordered Davis to take time out for exhaustion.  The decision was announced in an official statement;

“JDevil will no longer be able to join Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson on their co-headlining Twins Of Evil Tour this October. Due to exhaustion from his recent eight week overseas tour with KORN, Jonathan’s doctors have ordered him to refrain from any travel and performing for the next few weeks while he recuperates. We got this from management: ‘Jonathan is really bummed right now and regrets having to disappoint anyone, especially his fans and his good friends Marilyn Manson and Rob.’ We’ll keep you updated, everyone expects he’ll be back on track soon.”

We wish him all the best in recovering and welcome Sid Wilson on the tour.

EXCLUSIVELY available on the Twins of Evil tour – pre-release of The Lords of Salem t-shirt

From Rob Zombie’s Facebook page:

Exclusive pre-release THE LORDS OF SALEM shirt available only on the TWINS OF EVIL tour!

Rob Zombie talks stage and screen ahead of his Oct 4 date in Topeka

With just days to go until the Twins of Evil tour starts, Rob Zombie has spoken to The Topeka Capital Journal (CJOnline) about the tour, whether he watches his own movies and a lot more besides.  Enjoy!

Expo-bound Rob Zombie talks screen, stage by Bill Blankenship

Perhaps it is because Rob Zombie the rock star gets plenty of crowd feedback from the concert stage that Rob Zombie the filmmaker doesn’t feel compelled to sneak into the back of theaters to secretly gauge audience reaction. (more…)

For one night only Powerman 5000 joins the Twins of Evil

Powerman 5000

For one night only, October 5 2012 in St Louis, Spider One, little brother to Rob Zombie, will be joining the Twins of Evil tour as a special guest with his band Powerman 5000.

Powerman 5000 were formed in 1991.  Their most noteable sucess was the 1999 album Tonight the Stars Revolt which featured current Rob Zombie drummer Ginger Fish, who played piano on Watch The Sky for Me.

Powerman 5000 have been on tour in America over the past couple of months.  You can find out more about them by going to their website: Powerman5000.com


Golden Tickets extended for Rob Zombie tour dates

the one and only golden tickets rob zombie

The Twins of Evil tour is soon upon us.  One of the features of this tour, same as for the Rob Zombie/Megadeth, is the Golden Ticket experience.  Over the past couple of months as tour dates have been unveiled and ticket sales have been opened, some dates have had an extra feature if you go to The One and Only Golden Tickets.  A VIP ticket experience which includes amongst other features, a meet and greet with Rob Zombie.  Today The One and Only Golden Tickets has added more dates to the Rob Zombie experience, including Dallas and more dates in Europe.  To find out more about the dates and package details   (more…)

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson on the new Revolver


It’s the tour that should have happened a long time ago, it’s a tour that’s only a few short weeks away. The Twins of Evil, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, are teaming up for a co-headliner which is hitting the USA and Europe from September 28.

Go to the tour page to see where they are playing and buy tickets.

Check out this new Revolver cover. To see the full cover (more…)

Glide Magazine interviews no-bullshit visionary Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is one of the most hardworking artists out there – he can’t sit for long and twiddle his thumbs in case he gets bored.  In this interview with Glide Magazine, the director and singer, talks about making movies, making music and what really scares him.

My Roots: Rob Zombie by Leslie Michele Derrough

Rob Zombie is a no-bullshit visionary. While leading White Zombie on a gory-fun trail through the rock & roll hemisphere, he carved up electrifying stage productions and music videos filled with fluorescently vivid images of the macabre while playing grungily catchy tunes; something that he continues to do with his solo band. Throwing his hat into the movie making business in 2003 with House Of A 1000 Corpses, Zombie found himself in a whole new world with more challenges for his creative brain. (more…)

Twins of Evil comes to the Freakers Ball

Rob Zombie Marilyn Manson and Jonathon Davies at Freakers Ball

The Twins of Evil tour will be hitting 97.1 The Eagle’s FREAKER’S BALL this Halloween.  Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson featuring J-Devil (Jonathan Davis of Korn) will be bringing their own brand of mayhem to the Verizon Theatre in Dallas, TX.  Tickets are on sale from Friday 14 September. To find out more information  (more…)

Rob Zombie speaks to SuicideGirls.com about Mondo, Salem and cell phones at shows

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is just days away from completing the next album. While in the studio, Nicole from SuicideGirls.com, put a call into Rob and had a chat about what the fans can expect, about his forthcoming movies and more. (more…)