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Rob Zombie on tour 2015

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The Hellbilly comes clean. Popmatters interviews Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie

This year has been very busy for Rob Zombie. He has co-headlined a tour with Megadeth, finished filming The Lords of Salem, recorded a new album, released a remix album and is about to go on a co-headlining tour with Marilyn Manson (starts 28 September).

Rob chats with Selena Fragassi of Popmatters  about his busy work schedule and more.  Enjoy!

Revelation: Rob Zombie is a neat guy. And not just in that platinum selling/Grammy nominated/re-invented horror movies/upkeeps amazing dreadlocks kind of way. Rob Zombie is literally a neat guy. “I don’t like clutter,” he divulges during a recent phone call. In fact the house he shares with Sheri Moon, his wife and oft-featured actress in his slew of directorial curveballs, is “super sparse … I don’t like shit everywhere. I like being organized and super particular.”