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[Podcast] Rob Zombie talks to the Nerdist Channel

Nerdist Rob Zombie

Nerdist Rob Zombie

From the Nerdist:

Rob Zombie talks to Chris [Hardwick] about preferring tv to movies, how fast technology is growing and how working towards something makes you enjoy it more. They also talk about the effects of social media on society, Rob talks about going back and forth from movies and touring and Rob’s new movie 31! They also encourage listeners to step out of their comfort zones and learn more about the world!

To listen, go to: nerdist.com/nerdist-podcast-rob-zombie

Image: Jason Davis / Stringer

Interview: Nerdist catches up with Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie, Rob Fenn

Nerdist’s Matt Grosinger, catches up with Rob Zombie, whom is described as “this guy has no time for anything except being creative“, to “talk shop about zombie culture, performing in the digital age, and how he befriended Fred Armisen.”

To read excerpts and see links to the interview in full click >>>  (more…)

Pop-Break.com interviews Rob Zombie

Bill Bodkin and Ann Hale of Pop-Break.com, dig through the ditches with the heavy metal icon and horror movie director Rob Zombie

Rockstar. Writer. Director. El Super Beasto. The Hellbilly. Fledging Dr. Who impersonator.
Photo of Rob Zombie by Rock Fagan

Rob Zombie is the man — he’s been able to create a horrifyingly enchanting persona and style and successfully spread it across numerous artistic mediums. Since the 90s he’s been creating thunderously macabre heavy metal anthems with his band White Zombie and on his own. Since the early 2000s he’s taken his love for horror movies and made it a career — delivering modern blood soaked horror classics like The Devil’s Rejects, re-interpreting the classic Halloween series and even making ho-hum procedural crime drama like CSI: Miami extremely interesting.

And as we speak, Zombie is splitting time putting the finishing touches on his new film, The Lords Of Salem while concurrently gearing up to record a new record and hitting the road to tour with Megadeth.

Pop-Break’s Bill Bodkin and Ann Hale teamed up to speak with the musician and director about his new record, his new tour and his new movie. But before we jump into the interview our writers felt a strong need (a sinister urge perhaps?) to talk about how the art of Rob Zombie has impacted their pop culture lives.


Guitar International interviews Rob Zombie: The Only Thing That Matters Is Playing Live For the Fans

With the co-headliner tour with Megadeth just days away and the band heading to the studio in June, Guitar International sat down with Rob Zombie for an interview to discuss all these things and more.

Rob Zombie has been terrifying audiences for close to 25 years. Not only on stage as a musician in White Zombie and as a solo artist, but as a cult horror movie director. He is a 7 time Grammy-nominated recording artist; he has sold over 15 million albums worldwide, and directed House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects as well as the movie sequel of the re-imagined Halloween franchise, Halloween 2. (more…)

Rob Zombie launches Nerdist Channel ‘MY NAME IS EUGENE’

Rob Zombie launches Nerdist Channel My Name is EugeneRob Zombie has joined forces with the newly launched Nerdist Channel to bring you MY NAME IS EUGENE a new comedy series.

MY NAME IS EUGENE follows the sad and hilarious life of Eugene S. Van Dekak an angry, sex starved television repairman living in Eagle Rock, California.

Cry not for our hapless hero, Eugene has dreams beyond broken electronics and his lost love Julie… he dreams of the big time. What exactly his idea of the big time is, well you will have to tune in an find out.

Check out one of the many touching songs he’s written about his lost love Julie.