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GamerLive.TV interviews Rob Zombie at Comic Con [Watch]

At the latest Comic Con GamerLive.TV grabbed Rob for a chat where they talked about the music industry, how it has changed, the Comic Con event, The Lords of Salem  and his forthcoming remix album Mondo Sex Head.

You can watch the two part video interview by click the read the full story link.  Enjoy!


From Loudwire: Zombie Apocalypse Playlist: Five Rob Zombie Songs For Fighting the Undead

Ever wondered what the essential soundtrack is when fighting hoards of the undead at the end of the world? 

Loudwire have come up with an interesting top five which includes none other than Rob Zombie – so batter up, slam on some tunes and lets go bash in some undead heads!

Zombie Apocalypse Playlist: Five Rob Zombie Songs For Fighting the Undead

It looks like the zombie apocalypse is upon us, and we want you to be prepared. Remember the beginning of the movie ‘Shaun of the Dead,’ when Simon Pegg’s character was completely oblivious to the zombie apocalypse? Well, we don’t want you to be that person. The zombie apocalypse has officially begun, and Loudwire has got your back.

Don’t believe us? You’ve surely seen the recent news story about that crazy dude in Florida eating another guy’s face. You may have even heard about an another crazy dude in New Jersey stabbing himself in the gut and throwing his intestines at police. Not enough proof you say? How about the fact that it’s the year 2012? Face it, people, movies have been predicting zombie invasions since 1932, when Bela Lugosi commanded a hoard of the undead in the film ‘White Zombie.’

The Lugosi film served as the namesake for Rob Zombie’s first band, White Zombie, before the frontman began his successful solo career as both a musician and filmmaker. Rob Zombie holds the key to surviving unrelenting masses of the living dead, so with the goal of mankind’s preservation, we give you Five Rob Zombie Songs for Fighting the Undead! (more…)

Sioux City Journal catches up with Rob Zombie

Last Thursday Rob Zombie played the Tyson Events Center as part of the Rob Zombie/Megadeth co-headliner.  Before the show the Sioux City Journal chatted with Rob in a phone interview about the tour, his movie The Lords of Salem, and politicians.


Theatrical Rob Zombie ready to bring some controversy to Sioux City by  Laura Johnson

Call Rob Zombie anything – spawn of Satan, master of horror, in need of a shower – just don’t call him lazy.

This year alone he’s touring with longtime friends Megadeth along with playing multiple music festivals, wrapping up his latest film “The Lords of Salem” and planning to record a new album. Rolling through Sioux City Thursday for a quick tour stop, Zombie took time to talk about how he balances it all.

“I just go from one thing to the next to the next,” Zombie said in a recent phone interview. “I was just in post-production of my movie. Now I have to put it on ice for a bit to go on tour.”

He said the biggest problem is just not having enough time in the day to get it all done. Take touring with heavy-metal rockers Megadeth. The last they time they hooked up in concert it was the 1990s.

“I’m surprised it took so long for us to play together again,” Zombie said. “I don’t know why anything takes so long – just one of those things.” (more…)