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Fan Reviews Zombie/Megadeth tour May 16 2012

Here are the fan reviews from the Rob Zombie/Megadeth co-headliner date at STAGE AE in Pittsburgh.  To find out how to leave your review click HERE

From Jess: The Pittsburgh show was a-fucking-mazing! I’m one of those short Pittsburgh girls in the back, shaking my ass, and screaming at the top of my lungs! Great show.
Even with the tiny flare up in the middle, Mr. Zombie remained calm and finished the song. I’m not sure what happened, but I’m really happy you continued to play!

Thank you for coming to Pittsburgh! I love seeing you guys perform!

From Rick and Laura Brown: HOLY PARTY!! Just got back from the A&E in Pitts. PA. from the Zombie/megadeth show. (more…)

More fan reviews from the Zombie/Megadeth show 11 May 2012

Here are some more of the fan reviews from the opening night show at the Rob Zombie/Megadeth headliner.  Enjoy and don’t forget to use the form HERE to submit your reviews from the CURRENT tour.

From Nick T: The show itself was awesome as usual! This is my 5th time seeing Zombie over the last few years ive been to every tour and the show is amazing each time. I thought it was really cool that we got to see the lords of salem preview tonight as well! Feel like the crowd really fell apart though was a real let down that they weren’t as loud as normal

From Thomas Peek: Rob Zombie has always put on what a real rock show is all about!! He never fails to impress. He is the definition of rocking the mother fucker!!

From Jonathan: cool as hell but i miss the horror comic book look hahaha still chill

From Tasia: Wasn’t there to see Megadeth But RZ killed it… Best show of my life 😀 (more…)

BEST FUCKING CONCERT!!!!! – Zombie/Megadeth 11 May 2012

Review from 11 May 2012 by Sergio

It’s true what they say, they always leave the BEST for last!!!

I just got home from watching a 4 hour Event (which was very short in my opinion) the ROB ZOMBIE / MEGADETH tour, i was in the 3rd row and it was amazing!! I am a very big MEGADETH fan and didn’t think ROB ZOMBIE can top it but he did with his Monsters on stage and his pyrotechnics!!! I could feel the heat from the fire on my face!!!!

I will never forget this Concert it was the BEST!!!! but also the shortest!!!….
PLEASE next time make the concerts only at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!!!!! THANKS…… YOU RULE ROB ZOMBIE and you also (Dave Mustaine)!!!! ….hehehee!!!!!