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QOTW: Is there concern? by Zombiehead member Timothy H

It’s been a while since we did one of those, so lets head into another Question of the Week.

This time Rob Zombie answers a question from Zombiehead Timothy H who asks a question about band’s concerns with fans at shows.

And at the end of this question find out how to get your question in with a chance to be picked by Rob Zombie.

Rob Zombie Fan Question of the Week

Zombiehead Timothy HQuestion: Went to the la crosse show. drove about 4.5 hours. My question is. Do any band members have any CONCERN when there is someone laying in a POOL of BLOOD right in front of the stage and that people well over 150 lbs or more are thrown over the tops of people that dont see them coming and then get KICKED in the face have a full grown person come down on top of you . While magadeth played a guy was thrown over the rail in front and landed on his head on the cement and layed there almost 10 min in a pool of blood Dave M was more into looking at the girl who showed her ass after she made it to the front. He never even gave the guy. A FAN a second look while that fan lay in his own blood.. I may be old and un cool for what i say but I did not pay over $200.00 bucks to watch people have life changing injuries and be around a bunch of fucking RETARDS. I love Rob and his band .they are all that and by far have the coolist show out there but the way people act is more then childish and so fucking wrong. Tell me how can you enjoy a show when the whole time you have to look behind yourself for incoming people that have know brains . What is cool about having people hurt to a point there life may never be the same. OVER A CONCERT> WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

Answer from Rob: Obviously I am concerned with the safety of our fans, but I can’t control what some people will do. Anytime I see someone hurt or crushed I bring it to the attention of our crew or security. It is the rare incident where I have stopped the show because of this, but it has happened. Seriously though sometimes from the point of view of the stage it is hard to see what is exactly going on out in the chaos of the crowd.

 I guess there is no right answer since the same guy who is gonna kick you in the face is most likely the same guy who is going to throw something at the stage. Basically fans have to exercise some brain power over their actions. No concert is worth ending up in a wheelchair for the experience.

To put forward your own question for Rob Zombie to answer, go to the Forum and click on the first category Question of the Week – click New Topic and away you go – and remember BE ORIGINAL! And remember Rob doesn’t just pick one a week – he’s known in the witching hour to browse the forum and answer posts live so keep posting!

QOTW: The early days in WZ by M Tragedy666

Wow! It’s been a while since we did one of these.

Sit back and enjoy this fantastic Question of the Week from ZombieHead Inc member M Tragedy666 about the early days of White Zombie and how bands have to market themselves to gain promotion.

Zombiehead Inc member M Tragedy666Question: Hi Rob. I read one of your recent interviews and it inspired a question. I hope to hear your take in this… But, how did it happen for you? The transition from local band to a signed act that is opening for Pantera and on huge festivals touring the world? I know it takes hard work and there is no short cuts…but I was wondering if a scout for the label happened to see you and liked what they saw? Which means there was a bit of luck involved. Or did you guys just build your fanbase on a local level till you were headlining all the local clubs and it just kept getting bigger and bigger until it exploded?

I don’t know if the local scene is anything like it used to be in the late 80’s, but it’s pretty shitty now. You work your ass off promoting and trying to write cool songs. No one cares. Some people show up. Other times it’s nearly empty rooms. Occasionally, you’ll get a good crowd that really digs it and might buy some merch. (more…)

QOTW: House of 1000 Corpses by CorpseReject

Roasting the marshmellows, and burning the hog, while we sit back again for Question of the Week from Rob Zombie.

This week Zombiehead Inc member CorpseReject has asked Rob a question about House of 1000 Corpses.

Enjoy.  And see at the bottom of the item how it could be you next

Zombiehead Inc member CorpseRejectQuestion: I absolutely love this movie. Every aspect of it….they way it was shot, the brilliant use of colors, the characters…and so on. My question is this…do you ever think that you may make another Firefly family movie possibly including a little of the family history? The entire dungeon, underground tunnels, Dr Satan’s operating rooms and the “patients” he worked on are something that I have wanted to see more of from the first time I saw the movie. The Professor, the Skunk Ape and his wife, the spirits in the house the Mother Firefly mentions…all of these seem like something that could make another awesome movie. You are the expert though I guess. (more…)

QOTW: Fans that bring a camera by JRoTown

Gather round and round ’em up, we have another Question of the Week answered for you by Rob Zombie.  This weeks question comes from Zombie Head Inc member JRoTown.

Question: Rob, what’s your take on this?
I can see where camera flashes could leave a person blinded and when there’s so much going on it could lead to some serious injuries with all the pyro going off, people rushing the stage, falls…etc…

So, what do you think? Leave the camera at home or just remember the event for what it is through your own eyes? (more…)

QOTW: Rocky Horror Picture Show by Moon

So NICE we decided to do it TWICE! Roll up kiddies for another tale from the Spookshow.

Zombie Head Inc Member Moon from robzombieHere is another Question of the Week from Rob Zombie.  Thank you to Zombie Head Moon for the question on the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Question: I love this movie, and I love going to see it in the theater when I can..Rob, since I know you are a big fan of this film, I want to know, how old were you when you first saw it in theaters?

And what was that experience like for you? (more…)

QOTW: White Zombie by Something_WEiRd

Roll up! Roll Up! Gather round the camp fire kiddies.  Here’s the first Question of the Week answered by Rob. Thank you to Zombie Head Inc member Something_WEiRd for their question:

Zombie Head Inc Member http://robzombie.com/profile?uid=77Question: I hope this question doesnt upset you (Rob Zombie) because it doesnt seem like you liked to be asked about White Zombie but why did they break up? well , thats not really my question, my real question is Have you ever thought about reconciling with the members of White Zombie and patch things up? You guys have been through so much, don’t you miss them? Ive heard in numerous interviews that you have not spoken to any of the members of the band since the breakup about 16 years ago. (more…)