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Possible air date for Rob Zombie’s appearance on Daves Old Porn Show?

Rob Zombie on Daves Old Porn Show

Thanks to one of our eagle eyed Zombiehead members, M Tragedy666, we have a possible air date for Rob Zombie’s appearance on Showtimes “Dave’s Old Porn Show”.  The appearance was first reported when the episode was recorded.  Showtime began airing season two of Dave Attell’s show on November 8th.  Zombie will be on episode 5, which if all scheduling goes well, will mean an air date of December 6th (of course check your local listings).

According to the synopsis for this episode: SEASON 2 , EPISODE 205: Judah Friedlander, Rob Zombie  & Joanna Angel  (more…)

Rob Zombie to guest on Dave Attell’s Daves Old Porn show

Rob Zombie and Dave Attell from Daves Old Porn show on ShowtimeRob Zombie will be making a guest appearance on Dave Attell’s Showtime show ‘Daves Old Porn‘ (see RZ and Dave pictured left).

The weekly series which combines retro porn with chat, guests and comedy is the baby of comedian Dave Attell, also known for his stand-up routines, and shows such as The Gong Show with Dave Attell and Comedy Central’s Insomniac with Dave Attell.  Attell was also a regular commentator on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

To find out more about the episodes air times go to: www.davesoldporn.com (adult content)