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ArtistDirect talks to Rob Zombie about,tours, new music and the Lords of Salem

20120410-120259.jpgArtistDirect recently sat down with Rob Zombie to talk about the forthcoming movie The Lords of Salem, making the next Zombie record and his impersonation of Tom Baker on Nerdist.

There’s intricate lore surrounding everything Rob Zombie does.

Every album and film is steeped in deep mythos. Like all great auteurs from Martin Scorsese to Roger Waters, Zombie’s output exists in a universe of its own. The world of House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects extends far beyond those movies, and fans embrace it as such. Zombie’s take on Haddonfield in Halloween and Halloween II is a terrifying psychological space that anyone can fall into far beyond the confines of the screen suburb. Now, he’s turned to The Lords of Salem.

His forthcoming film is wrapped elegantly in the same kind of unique and harrowing tale. This time, it’s centered on Salem, but it’s so much more.