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Rob Zombie talks to Screamer Magazine

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie

Check out this brand new interview with Rob Zombie from Screamer Magazine. Get ready to sit down with a cup of whatever is your favorite beverage and read this all encompassing interview as Rob discusses his new album, The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser, his new film 31 and his upcoming tour – plus a LOT more in-between.

To read the interview in full, go to: screamermagazine.com/interviews/rob-zombie-t/

[Watch] Zombie talks upcoming projects with Loudwire

Louder exclusive interview

Louder exclusive interview

At the end of the recent Loudwire Festival, Rob Zombie sat down for an exclusive chat with Loudwire, to discuss some of the projects he has coming up in the future. He talks about how he juggles multiple projects, his next movie 31, and working on the next Zombie album (due out 2016).

As well as this, Zombie talks about some of his personal heroes, and working with the legendary Malcolm McDowell.

To watch the interview in full, click >>>  (more…)

Rob Zombie on his music: “I just want to make it, play it, get crazy with it”

Rob Zombie Kathy Flynn

Fresh from finishing crowd-funding for his next movie ’31’, Full Metal Jackie, from Loudwire Nights With Full Metal Jackie and Tony LaBrie, spent some time having a chat with Zombie, about movie memorabilia, filmmaking, his next album and his friendship with Alice Cooper.

To read excerpts from the interview, click >>>  (more…)

[WATCH] Rob Zombie speaks to Fanpass about touring; “Doing a tour with Alice was one of the best tours”

Rob Zombie Fanpass

An interview conducted with Zombie by Fanpass, while the band rocked the Welcome To Rockville festival, sees Rob speaking about one of his favourite tour partners. Speaking to Matt Pinfield he says; “Cause usually, you’re on tour with people and they might be your friends, but maybe… they’re just your buddies, but musically, you’re not compatible. That was the first time I remember being on tour and it felt like what I thought touring should be.”

To watch the interview in full click >>  (more…)

Alice Cooper writes about the bands carrying on the ‘Alice Cooper’ tradition

Rob Zombie Alice Cooper Who is your favorite Rob Zombie tour headlining partner?

He is without doubt the Godfather of Shock Rock.  Alice Cooper has been commanded the audiences for decades now and in this article for The Village Voice, he writes about the bands that are carrying on the traditions he created. He includes Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson (and others) in this list as well as his “little brother” Rob Zombie.

Bands Carrying On The Proud Alice Cooper Shock-Rock Tradition … According To Alice Cooper by Alice Cooper (more…)

POLL RESULTS: Who is your favorite Rob Zombie tour headlining partner?

Rob Zombie Alice Cooper Who is your favorite Rob Zombie tour headlining partner?

Too early for the soon to come Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson Twins of Evil co-headliner, we now have the results for the latest Rob Zombie poll:  Who is your favorite Rob Zombie tour headlining partner?

As you can probably tell from the image, the result from you guys was LOUD and CLEAR! The one and only ALICE COOPER. (1156 votes, 39%)

Read after the jump to see the full breakdown of results and look out for another poll coming SOON!