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helsinki, finland
Born September 20th, 1984

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monstrous horrorfreak! ever since i saw my very first scary movies which were HALLOWEEN, THE EXORCIST, THE SHINING AND THE OMEN! I was so fascinated of being spooked! even thought i was afraid because i was just a little kid but it was so cool at the same time! i think that's the whole point in horror,you have to be scared of it to be able to worship it! then i started listen to metal and WHITE ZOMBIE was one of the first bands of course! schooltime was always also just drawninig monsters and listening metal albums in headphones! that's real life, it always have been always will be! i am 28 years old scary looking guy(at least many people think so, they always say so,which is good,makes me happy!) i love halloween no matter if there's a party or not i always but some monster make up or masks on my face, and listen to heavy metal and rock music and watching horror for hours! when i was a little bit younger you know like teenager or something i also liked to scare the hell out of my family members and neighbours with my things, especially on halloween! it was fun, sometimes i still do that! i guess freak can never really get rid of his own shadow!
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