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sevierville, usa
Born May 5th, 1968

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44 year old male Amusement park manager.
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all zombies music
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    kamakazzee 2 years ago.
    ZombieFord likes this.
    How is everyone? Cant wait till 10/25/12 concert in Atlanta. Always wanted to see Zombie live. Now at age 44 I finally will!
    DEVIL666MAN 2 years ago.

    You're going to LOVE it!!!

    I've seen Zombie twice in concert & he's FREAKING AMAZING!!

    Hell, one time Godsmack opened for him & they sounded like shit...I was thinking it was the building or the equipment, but the when Zombie came on...OMFG!!! He blew the roof off the place...Sounded AWESOME!

    Just think....the 1st time you get to see Zombie is the VERY 1st time he has EVER teamed up with Manson...it's going to be EPIC!!!
    ninjainaction 2 years ago.

    are u from vegas?