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Old Bridge, USA
Born August 6th, 1991

About Me
my name on here is denazombie - because im completely obsessed with zombies, hence why i do zombie makeup & want to make it my career. all my friends, including my co workers call me zombie girl.

im 20, single, & a jersey girl! i live, eat, breathe metal. i do special fx makeup for this place called corner of chaos, & im an assistant manager at hot topic. i got my ears stretched to an 1" & a bunch of other piercings. four tattoos & counting. i go to concerts constantly, i love meeting friends & having people surround me with similar interests. im very bubbly & outgoing, & a huge people person. so feel free to add me on here & converse with me. <3 xo
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warlyworm 1 year ago.
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Sheri Moon Zombie!!!
warlyworm 1 year ago.
welcome back!warlyworm! Sheri Moon is hot and sexy!
joegrizzley 2 years ago.
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joegrizzley 2 years ago.
howdy folks? who else is looking forward and getting fucked up before lord's of Salem ?/
joegrizzley 2 years ago.
Started a new forum topic: vodoo dolls and other shit
warlyworm 2 years ago.
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Sheri Moon Zombie