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Dayton, US
Born November 13th, 1965

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Well, as my Grandmother told me in the mid 80's Rob was told he would be my "John the Babtist", told by my Grandmother or other Brethren who was not against me(imagine that). Kept this to myself until now hoped to find some avenue to say directly to him. But then again I am really believing all has been said as to people being there for me, is actually to show me how alone I really am in the scheme of things.
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    calibos65 2 years ago.
    Oh why not post this here as well. Back when the Africans were to be brought over here to teach good Karma skills to the S.N.S.M.'s back when I was 13-14 ish and also because they promoted fear that my Brethren were keeping or did not know important facts or knowledge for the S.N.S.M. community. My Brethren contacted me I told them the truth, there is no other knowledge needed. Then my Grandmother who was also part of my Brethren got into contact with someone who was on the S.N.S.M. Council(against the wishes of our Brethren). I gave this person essentially my proxy vote. I was told this person fought hard and long for me, but lost the fight to keep the Africans out. The Africans said that I and my Father God Satan were being tricksters and the S.N.S.M.'s should place me into exile. They did and they have hoped I would do really bad Karma to prove there point all those years ago. I have stayed in good Karma for that very reason. After the initial shock from hearing that I would be worshiped I was hoping to meet some wild girls! this was of course before the vote. I say wild because at the ripe old age of 10 I could make Pauline Reage blush!. I learned very quickly I needed to blush and act shy to mask my true self. One of my 4th grade teachers fucking freaked at a conversation with another student and took my photo's of this killer hot sexy mostly naked blonde!.
    Anyhow this is why this goes on and on with me. I am sure this is a new Council now but, they do not know how to keep face and/or their grip.
    calibos65 3 years ago.
    The real son of Satan. This group of people called Sneaky Ninja Spider Monkeys are driving me nuts with there lies!.