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Louisville, USA
Born January 17th, 1979

Marital Status
playing the field
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Goatwhore, Megadeth, Rob Zombie, Black Breath
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    zombi.killer79 2 years ago.
    what's UP!!!? how about dedication. My shit-eating boss won't give me Friday the 12th off of work despite a three week request period. So, after work here in Louisville KY I'm driving 5 1/2 hours to Chicago to see Rob Z and Manson bash my skull in. And I will be driving home shortly thereafter to go to work. I will not be stopped-- ZOMBIEHEAD
    zombi.killer79 3 years ago.
    I bought two of the "Rob Motherfucking Zombie" bumper stickers today. Can't wait to let one fly on my piece of shit car. That should bring up its Kelly Blue Book value!! The other will rock the front of my beer fridge in the garage.
    zombi.killer79 3 years ago.
    Eagerly anticipating a Lords Of Salem release at my local cineplex..