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Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA
Born August 10th, 1978

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Im a proud mother, into all things MMA, the only music to my ears is metal, hard rock, punk. I am a horror film junkie and I am actively involved in animal rescue.
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Type O Negative
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    irish_moonshine 2 years ago.
    My close friend of 30 years is dying of Muscular Distrophy. His dream would be to meet Rob Zombie as he is a huge fan or his music and movies. I am as well but this isnt for me its for my dying friend Graig. How can I make this happen? My friend Graig may not make it through to Christmas (this December). Anybody that could truly help with this please contact me. Thank you.
    irish_moonshine 2 years ago.
    gypsilyn likes this.
    How do I get in touch with Rob Zombie? My good friend is dying of muscular distrophy and may not make it through the year. My friend has beaten statistics as far as age expectancy but he is now bed ridden and cant move along with a feeding, and breathing tube. Can someone please tell me how to reach Rob so I can make my friend happy. Thank you.