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Born March 6th, 1974

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    autumnblack 2 years ago.
    autumnblack 2 years ago.
    Definitely can't wait for your new CD and your new MOVIE!!! Thank you Rob Zombie for all your art, for sharing it with us!!! You are UNIQUE!!! I just wanted to tell you that we are hardcore fans. We love your sound, more so since La Sexorcisto and everything you've done under Rob Zombie. We did this song for you. I just wanted to ASK if it would be possible that you take it under your wing and maybe sing it someday. Would've loved if you would've used it for your new album. Anyway, I edited some of your videos and used them as if it was your band playing our song. Just wanted your opinion on the song! It is a TRIBUTE to you!!! Give us 4 minutes of your time. Listen to the whole song. It's really catchy and it's really good!!! WE DID THIS IN YOUR HONOR!!!...Read the lyrics (which are awesome!) and DARE to listen to the song in youtube!!! YOU WILL LOVE THE SONG!!!! And if you sing it!!! IT will definitely be a HIT!!!! MY dream is that you play it, and please take the time to tell me what you think!!!! Be BOLD!!! I'm kinda like GENE SIMMONS when he wanted KISS to be heard at the beginning, hehehe. I just want this song to END IN YOUR HANDS!!! So two questions: Do you like the song? Do you think you could play it on one of your records sometime? (Believe me, it is an AWESOME SONG) THANKS!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDiaR6ax0bk