The Devils Rejects [2005]

The Devils RejectsDirected and Written by Rob Zombie
Produced by Rob Zombie, Mike Elliott, Michael Ohoven, Andy Gould, Marco Mehlitz
Based on characters by Rob Zombie
Starring Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon Zombie, Ken Foree, Matthew McGrory, William Forsythe
Music by Tyler Bates
Cinematography Phil Parmet Editing by Glenn W. Garland
Studio Cinelamda
Distributed by Liongate
Release date July 22, 2005
Running time 109 minutes

From the twisted mind of acclaimed musician and director Rob Zombie comes The Devil’s Reject – a nerve shreddingly violent road trip through the weirdest parts of America and the darkest corners of your mind. This grisly tale of mayhem reunites the homicidal members of the Satanic Firefly family as they go on a rampage of senseless slaughter, pursued by a pair of sadistic bounty-hunters and an outlaw Sheriff hell-bent on revenge. When they finally meet, prepare yourself for one for the most depraved and terrifying showdowns you’ll ever see.

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Theatrical Trailer

Cast and Crew Details

Cast Details - Click to Expand/Close
Sid Haig - Captain Spaulding
Bill Moseley - Otis Driftwood
Sheri Moon Zombie - Baby Firefly
Ken Foree - Charlie Altamont
Matthew McGrory - Tiny Firefly
Leslie Easterbrook - Mother Firefly
Geoffrey Lewis - Roy Sullivan
Patricia Barnes - Gloria Sullivan
William Forsythe - Sheriff John Wydell
Kate Norby - Wendy Banjo
Lew Temple - Adam Banjo
Dave Sheridan - Officer Ray Dobson
Elizabeth Daily - Candy
Danny Trejo - Rondo
“Diamond” Dallas Page - Billy Ray Snapper
Brian Posehn - Jimmy
Tom Towles - George Wydell
Michael Berryman - Clevon
P.J. Soles - Susan
Deborah Van Valkenburgh - Casey
Ginger Lynn - Fanny
Jossara Jinaro - Maria
Chris Ellis - Coggs
Mary Woronov - Abbie
Daniel Roebuck - Morris Green
Duane Whitaker - Dr. Bankhead
Michael “Red Bone” Alcott - Darrell
Juanita Guzman - Ruth
Sean Murphy - Turk Murphy
Jordan Orr - Jamie
Kelvin Brown - Bubba
Glenn Taranto - Anchorman
Steve Railsback - Sheriff Ken Dwyer
Tyler Mane – Rufus
Robert Trebor - Marty Walker
Mike Bellesfield - Medical Examiner
Crew Details - Click to Expand/Close
Rob Zombie - Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Andy Gould - 
Marco Mehlitz - 
Michael Ohoven - 
Mike Elliott - 
Guy Oseary - 
Executive Producer
Julie Yorn - 
Executive Producer
Michael Burns - 
Executive Producer
Michael Paseornek - 
Executive Producer
Peter Block -
 Executive Producer
Abigail Sheiner - 
Art Department Coordinator
Ace Hatem - 
Adam Jenkins - 
Re-Recording Mixer
Adam Southwick - 
Al Tuskes - 
Ali Forman - 
Associate Producer
Andrew Sagar - 
Anne Kurtzman - 
Anthony Julio - 
Special Effects Assistant
Azam Ali - 
Musical Performer
B.J. McDonnell - 
Banjo & Sullivan - 
Featured Music
Barney Cabral - 
Supervising Sound Editor
Barrett Loose - 
Production Assistant
Bill Zahn - 
Bree Bailey - 
Personal Assistant
Brent Morris - 
Unit Production Manager, Co-producer
Brian Rae - 
Special Effects Assistant
Buck Owens - 
Featured Music
Buck Robinson - 
Sound Mixer
Butch Norton - 
Musical Performer
Carl Pedregal - 
Post Production Supervisor
Chris Carnel - 
Chris Gordon - 
Dolly Grip
Chris Hayes - 
Camera Operator
Chris Larsen - 
Set Dresser
Chris Walkowiak - 
Special Effects Foreman
Chris Zega - 
Special Effects Assistant
Christopher Touchton -
 Set Production Assistant
Cindy Yohnka -
Connie Marie Lynch - 
Set Production Assistant
Conor Simpson - 
Set Production Assistant
Cynthia Merrill - 
Foley Artist
Damon Fox - 
Musical Performer
Dana Berry - 
David Keir - 
Properties Maker
David Palmieri - 
David V. Daniel - 
Camera Operator
Derek Page - 
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
Diane Rosenberg - 
Production Coordinator
Dominica Posseren - 
Casting Assistant
Douglas Noe - 
EarCandy Incorporated -
 Sound Editor
Elvin Bishop - 
Featured Music
Eric Diamond - 
Art Department Assistant
Eric Labonte - 
Set Dresser
Erin M. Royer - 
Personal Assistant
Frank Purtiman - 
Gary Stark - 
Gene Page - 
Still Photographer
Geordy Sincavage – 
Foley Mixer
George Agnew - 
Location Manager
Georgiana Ramsland -
 Music Editor
Glenn Garland - 
Greg Ellis - 
Musical Performer
Hector Morales-Lozano - 
Key Costumer
Holly Brand - 
Set Dresser
James Gang - 
Featured Music
James Sprattley - 
Camera Operator
Jamie Grove - 
Special Effects Assistant
Jason Johnston - 
Jeff Shewbert - 
Properties Maker Foreman
Jenny Cho - 
Post Production Assistant
Jereme Watt - 
Personal Assistant
Jeremy L. Brussell - 
Jerome D. Pondella -
Jodie Wilson - 
Personal Assistant
Joe Cappelletti - 
Voice Casting
Joel C. High - 
Musical Direction/Supervision
Joey Box - 
John Ashker -
John David Diersing - 
Properties Maker
John Hartigan - 
Special Effects Coordinator
Johnny Scaglione –
 Musical Performer
Justin C. Green - 
Assistant Editor
Justin Meldal-Johnsen - 
Musical Performer
Kane Hodder - 
Stunts Coordinator
Keith Jones - Second Assistant Camera
Keith Pickett - 
Set Production Assistant
Kevin A. Zimmerman - 
Assistant Sound Editor
Kevin Diersing - 
Properties Maker
Kevin Foos - 
Properties Maker
Kitty Wells - 
Featured Music
Laura Howell - 
Unit Publicist
Lesley Aletter - 
Lillian Keakamai Awa - 
Set Production Assistant
Linda Bracero - 
Assistant Production Coordinator
Lisa Tong - 
Set Decorator
Lyndal Heathwood - 
Maeve Guesdon - 
Marco Black - 
First Assistant Director
Maria Sandoval - 
Hair Styles
Mark Chadwick - 
Mark Maitre - 
Special Effects Assistant
Mark McCoy - 
Post Production Coordinator
Marta Villalobos - 
Costumes Assistant
Michael Cruz - 
Set Production Assistant
Michael Diersing - 
Construction Coordinator
Michael Owens - 
Production Assistant
Michael S. Anderson - 
Cable Person
Monika Mikkelsen - 
Nan Vernon - 
Musical Performer
Nathan Crum - 
Camera Loader
Neil Blevins - 
Otis Rush - 
Featured Music
Patrick Cabral - 
Foley Artist
Patrick Cyccone Jr. - 
Re-Recording Mixer
Paul Drenning - 
ADR Mixer
Paul Short - 
Paul Sokol - 
Special Effects Technician
Perry Robertson - 
Supervising Sound Editor
Phil Parmet - 
Phoebe Sudrow - 
Camera Operator
Precinct 13 Entertainment Incorporated - 
Visual Effects
R. Joe Michalski - 
Boom Operator
Ray McNamara - 
Musical Performer
Richard Dawn - 
Sound Editor
Richard J. Day - 
Art Department Assistant
Rick Davidson - 
Steadicam Operator, Camera Operator
Rick McCallum - 
Rob Henning - 
Set Dresser
Robert Baird - 
Second Assistant Camera
Robert Kurtzman - 
Visual Effects Supervisor
Robert N. Anderson -
 Properties Master
Robert Ortiz - 
Production Supervisor
Roger Morrissey - 
Ron Rosegard - 
Special Effects Technician
Rory Dauson - 
Assistant Location Manager
Rory Muirhead - 
First Assistant Camera
Ryan Krayser - 
Set Production Assistant
Sam Hamilton - 
Sandy Schklair - 
Script Supervisor
Scott Andersen -
 Assistant Properties
Scott Sanders - 
Sound/Sound Designer
Stacey Michaels - 
ADR Mixer
Stephan Vladimir Bugaj - 
Steve Parker - 
Steven Guerrero - 
Stuart Campbell - 
Second Assistant Camera
Susan Bannout - 
Set Medic/First Aid
Terry Reid - 
Featured Music
The Allman Brothers - 
Featured Music
The Final Word - 
Voice Casting
Thom Buckley - 
Set Production Assistant
Thomas A. White - 
Properties Maker
Three Dog Night - 
Featured Music
Tim Williams - 
Timothy Kirkpatrick - 
Art Director
Todd Devane - 
Set Designer
Tom Rowland - 
Musical Direction/Supervision
Tony Tremblay - 
Production Designer
Treven Bedwell -
Ty Arnold - 
Second Assistant Director
Ty Kinnison - 
Tyler Bates - 
Musical Performer
Ulysses Argetta - 
Vernon A. Davidson – 
Second Second Assistant Director
Victor Amesquita - 
Production Assistant
Vincent Toscano - 
Wayne Toth - 
Special Effects, Makeup Supervisor
William Russell - 
Chief Lighting Technician
Wolfgang Matthes - 
Sound Mixer, Musical Performer
Yasmine Abraham - 
Costume Designer
Zack Atkinson - 
Set Production Assistant

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  • yellow bird March 27, 2013 at 4:17 am

    What can I say?! that has not been said before…

    Perfect film!

  • Andrew December 30, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Oh, also, anyone who cried about those people **SPOILERS** (although if you’re here you definitely saw the movie lol) dying at the end must be a complete sociopath. I don’t care how nice they were to each other. I don’t care how strong their bond was despite all the shit they did, and the shit that was going on. I don’t care if they were brave at the end, and chose death before dishonor. They killed and tortured over SEVENTY people in the movies. Seeingt them get the death they deserved was incredibly satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every single character from both movies, but that’s because they were so well written, and the actors were great, not because they were these great people lol.

  • Andrew December 30, 2012 at 9:48 am

    I love this movie. I just got the DVDs for the first and the second one and am going to watch them tomorrow on my computer.

    This is one of the few movies I can watch years later and still enjoy. I think the first one was just as good as the second one was, possibly better even. Definitely more horrifying. I can’t imagine even being inside of that house from the first one. I’d be terrified to be on the SET let alone a real house like that. Honestly close to half of what made the first one so incredible was the house and the environments and overall ambiance of it.

    Great movie, I really want to see a prequel to these movies showing how the whole family got together. YOU KNOW PEOPLE WOULD GO SEE IT!!!!

  • Dan B November 29, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    My dear Mr. Zombie. You’ve absolutely nailed the seventies atmosphere to the letter. As I watch this freakishly awesome movie I can bloody taste the decade as easily as the cheap whiskey I love to sink. It’s not a neat little pretty movie as seen a million times coming out of Hollywood, it’s effing dirty and messy and bloody and effing brilliant. You sir, are a fucking genius!

  • andrew webb October 9, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    i think they should make a second one that shows what happend before the police showed up anyone with me on that or would that not be like the most bad ass movie other than the first one cause i love this movie

  • brendababy19 July 12, 2012 at 1:49 am

    “well if you give me a chance i was going to call you a crazy pig fucking dumb ass pussy piece of shit….”

  • baby March 31, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    what an amazing film loved it and cryed so bad at the end,defo does not get the credit it deserves.fell in love with sheri so want to be a firefly xxxxxxxx

    • Devin Andres June 29, 2012 at 7:54 pm

      @carleyGambill, hands down and straight up bad ass balls to the walls type of movie….

  • CarleyGambill February 14, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    Best Fucking movie ever! <3