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31 [2016]

Plot Summary

On October 30, 1975, five carnival workers were kidnapped and held hostage until the following night (Halloween), where they are put in a compound. They’re told that they are there to take part in a game named “31” where the goal is to survive past the next 12 hours. This is made difficult by the fact that they are not alone; a violent gang of evil clowns are there and stalking their every move.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Movie Gallery

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Movie Credits

Malcolm McDowell Father Napoleon Horatio Silas Murder
Jeff Daniel Phillips Roscoe
Pancho Moler Sick-Head
Lew Temple Psycho-Head
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs Panda
Judy Geeson Sister Dragon
Jane Carr Sister Serpent
Sheri Moon Zombie Charly
David Ury Schizo-Head
Meg Foster Venus Virgo
Kevin Jackson Levon
Michael ‘Redbone’ Alcott Fat Randy Bumpagussy
Tracey Walter Lucky Leo
Richard Brake Doom-Head
Ginger Lynn Cherry Bomb
E G Daily Sex-Head
Daniel Roebuck Pastor Victor
Torsten Voges Death-Head