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Halloween 2007
Started by Captain Spauldin Moon 2 years ago

Five years ago, Rob Zombie's Halloween came out on Labor Day weekend..I was wondering who else went to see it opening weekend. I remember, I went to see it right on Labor Day...A few weeks before, I had just started at the job I am at now..We were very busy, so I couldn't go on Friday..But, since my work is closed every Labor Day, I got to go see Halloween on Monday.. I loved it..And I was glad to hear it had broken box office records for Labor Day..I had to go back and see it again as soon as I could.

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Tiny Crippletown replied 2 years ago...

I saw this on opening day @ the galaxy theatre in Monroe, WA. Was awesome to see it there since it was only 10 mins away from me.

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Zeeboe replied 1 year ago...

I really enjoy this film. I've desired to dress as a character from a Rob Zombie picture for almost ten years now, and I decided 2013 will be the time it happens so I am going to be Michael Myers this Halloween. It's a costume and mask I've consider wearing for years. I've been Jason Voorhees on All Hallow's Eve for so long (ten seasons) and I love Jason, but I'm honestly burned out, and need something new.

I've gained so much weight this year, but I am going to lose thirty-five pounds (and perhaps more) before fall. I refuse to be a fat Michael Myers and disgrace the character. I intend to lose my heaviness by eating right and literally walking over ten-thousands steps everyday. This is not the first time I have used my love for October 31 to lose weight. I was over three-hundred pounds, but in 2006, I lost almost one hundred pounds so I could be a more movie quality-looking Jason.

I'm concerned about looking too generic-looking on Halloween. If I wear a store bought mask with the blue coveralls, I'm worried I won't stand out enough. I've seen other people with that look, so I am buying a pricy and damaged Myers mask online that looks just like the one from Rob Zombie's Halloween, and even though I think my mask would certainly be better then a mass-produced mask, I also worry that if I do not select the right outfit, the clothing will not grab folks attention in overwhelming numbers like my "Freddy vs. Jason" mask and costume, especially from a distance so I am going to wear dark grey coveralls to stand out and so I can look more like Rob Zombie's Michael Myers instead of blue coveralls. I also am buying a highly realistic looking prop knife.

I can understand Rob Zombie's perspective when he directed the reboot. The original film had so many sequels that Rob Zombie had to try to come up with something new to make his film a success. In a way, I am in a similar position - People have dressed up as Michael Myers for so long that I am attempting to do something new with the character when I dress as him.

I am very OCD about looking screen accurate or at least close enough to it. I am 6'4, and there's nothing I can do about that. If I am lucky, I will weigh 230-something by Halloween. I'm still gonna be a big guy, and classic Michael was I'd say 6'0', 200 pounds. I have the ideal physical look for RZ's Michael. I am going to get some lifts too, so between that and the boots, I am hoping to be at least 6'8. 

Halloween is Michael Myers holiday so that should increase the joy of being the character. Hopefully

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