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Thank you rob
Started by rzmm117 1 year ago

I just wanted to thank you for your remake I was a huge fan of the original but I hated how the sequels kind of abused Michael Myers and just kept adding to the story as they went. I think you approached in a more realistic way, changed what needed to be changed and like carpenter saId to you, you made it your own and I feel revised everything and for me it just made the whole story better. I also liked how you paid respects to some parts of the original but kept it yours (rabbit in red, loomis, The confused michael head turn, which you made him pace as he did it and it was boss, adding real life problems) anyone who hates on your reboots is just some moron who just can't accept you did a great job on an original. Thanks for the twist, thanks for all your movies. Don't let no one tell you otherwise your a great horror director bro. People are just so used to seeing the same movies with the same endings (not just remakes but most horror movies) all the time they can't accept anything else. Thanks to anyone involved I know you guys all worked hard on these movies, just wanted you to know someone appreciates it.

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Tiny Invictus replied 1 year ago...

I agree. As it's October (at the time of writing) thoughts inevitably turn to horror movies and especially Halloween, particularly with the new Blu-ray on the scene. I didn't relaise the extent of the vitriol directed at Rob's version of the film until I searched online. I love John Carpenter's 1978 film, undoubtedly my favourite horror film; and I dislike this slew of horror remakes UNLESS they have something new to say about the subject. I believe Rob's Halloween does. 
Did people want a shot-for-shot remake like Gus Van Sant's Psycho? (Possibly the most redundent film ever made). Or isn't it better to reimagine the story from the foundations up. Keep the core of the text: Loomis, Haddonfield, sister killer, etc but paint a new picture that exists alongside the Carpenter original, which is what I think Rob has achieved. 
When compared to other remakes it at least stands out for having the stamp of its creator all over it. How faceless is the likes of The Fog or The Omen? And does anyone else think the 2009 Friday the 13th could fit seemlessly into the sequels? Rob's film does change things, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but it's his version of the story. Like the cover version of a song, wouldn't you rather hear an interpretation than a blatent rip-off?
That's just my opinion, of course.  

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