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Help! I'm going to Mayhem but need to know ...... ???
Started by Captain Spauldin Emma 9 months ago

Okay so this is a special thread for those who are going to Mayhem (maybe for the first time) and are unsure of how things go down.  Ask a question and maybe someone who has already been in years past can give you some help. It could be you want to know what camping equipment is best, whats the best cure for a hangover, or anything in between.  

All we ask are people are respectful of the questions asked, and the questions asked are sensible (and legal). 

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Unholy M Tragedy666 replied 9 months ago...

I've been to Mayhemfest every year since it begun and would be happy to try and answer any questions..

I only just discovered about a year or two ago the magic of B vitamins.  They are probably the best cure for hangovers!  Go to your local store and buy some strong multi-B vitamins.  Take one right before you fall asleep (or pass out haha) and the next day is just worlds easier!  A simple Flintstones Complete may not be enough.  Most of those are about 100% of your daily value.  Try to get some that are several hundred percent or even 1000%  Follow the directions of course and don't take more than one obviously.

I've endured many years of next-day-suffering before I started taking b-vitamins just before sleep after a long day of getting shit faced.  Try it out! 

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espinoza6669 replied 9 months ago...

At Mayhem you'll have an awesome time, the shows and bands were just sick and Rob Zombie even decided to go through the Pitts while a solo was going on

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sportdavid replied 9 months ago...

  I assume everyone knows this already, but I try not to ass-u-me! Make sure to keep yourseves hydrated! Drinks such as alcohol (Jager & those $4 beers will prob be my downfall!) & energy drinks (ditto for SF Rockstar!) will DEhydrate you. A good formula might be 1 & 1 (after drinking a Jagerbomb, et al, drink a water or gatorade/powerade), at least this works for me! Please be safe and sane while going crazy! This will be my 1st Mayhem, but I hope everyone else has as awesome of a time as I surely will!
PS Sheriff  Emma: Great work on the site, but since the Devil's Rejects killed your kin (father & uncle?), does that mean you're going to go commando on all of us Devil's Rejects' Rejects? Happy Summer!!! :^) 

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Unholy M Tragedy666 replied 9 months ago...

Oh, one great piece of advice is to wear some sun block if you plan on being there all day.  I got burnt up real bad at an Ozzfest one year.  I was out in the summer heat from 9am to 11pm/end of show.  I'm not sure what time Mayhem starts, but all day in 100 degree weather is not good for your skin.  I had all kinds of blisters and scabs on my nose and face.  It was really disgusting and I'm sure terrible for the body.


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Captain Spauldin Moon replied 9 months ago...

Yeah..Sun screen and staying hydrated are good ideas. And, it is true that not only alcohol dehydrates you, but so do energy drinks..Also, it is good to know signs of heat stress. If you or someone you are around at Mayhem is sweating alot, becoming irritatable or they seem really tired and out of it, it might be heat stress. If you see someone who you think might have heat stress, get them out of the sun, and if necessary, to one of the first aid tents..Also, as I learned from safety training at one of my jobs, heat stress is actually worse if you are standing around in the same place for a long time, than it is if you are moving around under the hot sun..Keep that in mind if you have to stand in line for a long time, if you can move around a little, do. 

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Sheriff Wydell euphorious replied 9 months ago...


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Kingzombiejs replied 8 months ago...

Go with a big ass sign that some really crazy shit like : I just got drunk and lost my car, or some real crazy shit like that

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Unholy M Tragedy666 replied 8 months ago...

Help!  Need quick answer to my Mayhem question:

I will be going to Mayhemfest TODAY in Tinley Park, Illinois.   I did NOT purchase Adventures In Wonderland tickets this tour.  But, I've been confused by some of the pics appearing on John 5's facebook.  It looks like they may also be doing some signings to the general public in a tent??  I'm wondering if they have been doing this every date of the tour, or just certain dates, and what time it is usually at?

The first time I EVER met Rob was at the FYE music tent at Ozzfest 2002.  He was signing The Sinister Urge album.  This was long before the Golden Tickets/Wonderland tickets.  You gotta buy the cd at the concert and they give you a little wristband and tell you what time to stand in line, and it's a great way to get your disc signed!   They did this again on their last Mayhemfest signing Hellbilly Deluxe 2.  

Now that they are officially doing meet and greets with Adventures in Wonderland, it seems weird to have ANOTHER meet and greet in one day, but as I said, it looks like they HAVE been doing the tent signings... Can anyone shed some insight on this please??

I need to know what time I have to get to mayhemfest to make the meet and greet. 

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