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21 July 2013 - Hartford - Comcast Theatre
Started by Captain Spauldin Emma 9 months ago
07/21/13 Hartford Comcast Theatre United States
Address: 61 Savitt Way Hartford, CT 06120

Clients: Rob Zombie, John 5, Piggy D, Tommy Clufetos: see my work: http://www.facebook.com/1976designs
Posts: 2
Gypz_Blu replied 9 months ago...

I can hardly wait for this show!!!!!!!!


Posts: 822
Sheriff Wydell euphorious replied 9 months ago...


Posts: 11
Tiny wolfmoon replied 8 months ago...

I bought my tickets before Father's Day. It was a mixture of a Father's Day gift for my bf and my birthday gift a week before the concert. This was the best concert ever. Me and my bf were on our way out to leave but we stood over by the gates seperating the lawn seats from the great seats. We had been standing behind some people and they decided to leave. So we ran up to the fence area and continued to watch Rob Zombie. About 10-15 later Rob Zombie decides he is going to walk among the crowd. All of sudden Rob Zombie is literally 2 ft. away from me and my bf and looking at us briefly. I never went to many concerts growing up (crazy religious family). So while other teens and adults have meet celebrities and artisits and go "Oh well I meet so and so" I have never had that luxury. Rob Zombie is the first artist/celebrity that I ever got to see up close. It was awesome and I will never forget my 29th b-day that is for sure. Thank you Rob Zombie for the best birthday ever! His performance was wonderful and the band was great

Posts: 822
Sheriff Wydell euphorious replied 8 months ago...

omg this concert was amazing I was front row the whole time!! He really does know how to keep his fans engaged and i loved how he walked the baricade rail which at the point i had my hand on his ass for a good 30 sec.. sorry mr. zombie but i had to lol (very firm BTW) got to meet john 5 and piggy d they are just a breath of fresh air. love those 2. I think that crowd of ppl was one of the best it was a very touching concert between 5FDP and Zombie and their appriecation to the troops it was just.. lets put it this way i was honored to be be there to witness all the emotion. Also when he brought out his neice? i think that was so cute(Rob will make a very good daddy someday if he chooses to do so) just simply adorable

Posts: 822
Sheriff Wydell euphorious replied 8 months ago...

Me and John 5 and Piggy D and im talking there ears off about ther Awesomeness!!

Posts: 822
Sheriff Wydell euphorious replied 8 months ago...

front row shot of john 5 and Rob,   And the PIT thats me rocking the regeneration Vendor bandana lol

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