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Twins of Evil - Stockholm - 5 December 2012
Started by Captain Spauldin Emma 1 year ago
  • Artist: Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson
  • Tour: Twins of Evil 2012
  • Date: Wednesday, December 5th 2012
  • City: Stockholm
  • Venue: Hovet
  • Country: Sweden

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Armless_Alice replied 1 year ago...

Saw this show yesterday! I slept for 23 hours after it. That may say I lot about it!
The best show I've EVER been to. It was worth all the delays in the snow storm and problems. Me and my girlfriend was frontrow and Rob climbed on us!
The stage props where amazing, and the solos! The solos brought me back to a time where music wasn't just a product. It was art by artists. That was something I really loved about Hellbillys Deluxe 2, The Man Who Laughs. People usually just writes radio hits and that's what I love about Zombie. He doesn't give a fuck! He does what he wants. As it should be.

I loved every part of it. And all the effects in the backround when the solos where played.



- Hyde

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Welleq replied 1 year ago...

Hi there,

I don't seem to be able to find a threat on the Twins of Evil concert in Vienna, 8 December, so I am taking the liberty of including this post also in some other threads concerning December concerts. Sorry for spamming!

Me and my wife came all the way from Poland to attend the concert in Vianna and it turned out toe be one of the most wicked, spectacular and galvaninzing events we've ever been to, but... well, after the show I wanted to purchase the official tour tshirt in the merch stand and I was told that M size male tshirts were out of stock. Since then I've been trying to find a webpage, a store... anything where I could get the official merch from the tour, but so far my efforts have been futile. Maybe anyone could help me?

All hail RZ fans!


Posts: 18
Tiny Invictus replied 1 year ago...

I saw the Twins of Evil show in Manchester UK but if anyone's interested both the Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie full shows from Stockholm are on YouTube. Had my feet up and a few beers watching it last night; it looked brilliant.

And everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

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