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film makers! i need advice to help my motivation!
Started by 666hellskitchen 2 years ago

you're films have inspired me to start making horror movies after ive seen house of 1000 corpses, do you have any advise? i have weird ideas and everyone tells me that i shouldnt do them because they are too weird, do you think its smart for me to just go for it and to be as weird as i want? will i lose my chance to be a known film maker? some advice would really give me motivation to help me alot, thanks

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cesare replied 2 years ago...

Don't let others dictate your path.  If you are seriously interested in doing anything production related, you must be your own advocate in all things.  Quick example:  When I was in film school at USC, I pitched a thesis film project, which required a 10min pitch tape/preview.  It was rejected by the selection panel of professors, because it didn't fit the conventional model of what they imagined would be successful.  Someone posted my pitch tape online, and it has since received over 500,000 views.  Based on the interest in that project, I have had amazing opportunities.. Now I work as a filmmaker and professor, and I do a lot of advising and consulting with aspiring film students.   

You live in a time of unparalleled opportunity.  For a few hundred dollars, you have access to technology and distribution vehicles that were unimagined 10yrs ago.  If u r serious about working in film, the best thing u can do is get as much experience as possible... Start looking for indy and student projects to crew up on, and go from there.  Work to understand every aspect of the process and then figure out where you passion and abilities lie.  There is no ONE single path to success, but every potential path begins with proactiveness and hard work.. 

Without knowing your age, education, or experience, that's the best advice I can give you, but I wish you the best of luck! 

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