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A wee tale from across the pond....
Started by nexus666 2 years ago

Missing persons


It was an unusual house to say the least, from the outside it was grey and had an entirely oppressive feel about it. It was tall and narrow in structure and of a rather grotesque gothic architecture, upon entering the property I wasn’t at all surprised to find it become even more cheerless. Colour it appeared had yet to be discovered by its present occupants. Even the butler a gaunt ungainly looking fellow looked as though he would be rather better suited to living in a box six feet under than serving the gentry.

I pushed all these thoughts aside as I was lead into the main room and introduced to the two seated Ladies. As always, as one does I removed my hat and gave a slight but courteous nod of my head before introducing myself. The tallest, of the two was called Josette and the other Genevieve and though of a beauteous form they were far for what a gentleman might describe as delicate. In fact I think it fair to say they put me quite on edge for though their manor was impeccable they lacked that certain gentile quality and dare I say submissiveness that one looks for when seeking out a suitable companion.

Here again as I let my eyes take in my surroundings I noticed that black and grey were to be the dominant colour broken only by the many deep crimson candles that gave the room a most oppressive feeling. It was then it suddenly became apparent that the two women their selves were of a similar scheme both wore long black lace and taffeta gowns befitting a Victorian lady and yet both had pallid almost grey faces only highlighted by crimson dark lips similar to the colour of the candles. 

I feared even the lifeless décor and company of a funeral parlour would carry far more cheer than was exhibited within these four walls and decided the sooner I was free of these depressing surroundings and women the better. I decided the best approach would be to allow myself a modicum of small talk before revealing the true nature of my visit. We talked as one does of the foul weather and of the up and coming festivities that the Easter parade might afford us this year.  I also mentioned that they had a lovely house a complete and utter lie of course but perhaps it would disarm them enough to feel a little more relaxed in my company. Their strange reply did anything but relax me, for they told me their sole reason for buying the house was for the extended cellar that ran beneath the property comprising of several cells or rather Kennels, part of the heritage from the former owner who apparently used to keep his prize hounds down there, a fact that I in all honesty found neither interesting or for that matter did I care to investigate further and so chose to move swiftly on to the crux of my visit. I drew a deep breath and waded in.

‘’You see Ladies I come on a rather delicate matter’’ I started, careful to choose my words that they not offend

‘’I have come because a friend of mine has gone missing and’’ I paused

‘’It appears that, that’’ I felt the lump forming in my throat as it became clear to me that these ladies were finding amusement in my discomfort of the question. I felt a twinge of anger and decided the best way forward was to come right out with it. I blurted it out as best I could that they were the last people to have been seen with Rupert and that he was known to have come back to their house for more than just tea and biscuits let’s say. To my great consternation neither of them seemed shocked or even remotely offended by such an ungentlemanly statement in fact quite the opposite I may say for they appeared to mock me, not openly of course but I could tell by the mischievous glint in their eyes and the way the corners of their painted lips turned up ever so slightly that they thought me a fool.

Though aggrieved by their lack of candour in this matter I said nothing and instead waited patiently for their reply. Sideways glances exchanged between them as they explained to me that they had had him for dinner and desert and then he passed out. Rupert I reminded myself was never shy if taking a drink and often in copious amounts. I shifted nervously wanting more than anything just to be as far away from this place as was humanly possible. Something just wasn’t as it should be and what’s more these two harlots knew why. Out of the corner of my eye I caught one of them fondling one of the tall candles a most un-lady like act indeed and decided enough was enough it was time to leave and hand this over to the proper authorities.

I made my excuses and as I turned to leave there it was again and then again, those sideways glances as if secret messages were being passed from one to another. I picked up my hat and turned in an effort to hide my rage only to discover that my way was barred by Genevieve her long slender arms outstretched, her hands resting against the sides of the door frame and her body in a most salacious of poses. By God these women were playing with me and I was going to have none of it.

‘’Stand aside madam or I fear you will force me into an action we may both regret’’ At this they both burst into a hideous bout of laughter. That was all I could stand after all a man can only take so much and these women had over stepped the mark, it was time they were taught a lesson or two in manors. I stepped forward and grabbing Genevieve roughly by the arm pulled her away from the door and as I turned to give them a piece of my mind as a parting gesture I felt a heavy blow to my head then all went black.



The next thing I knew was a god awful pounding in my head and waking up upon what felt like a cold stone floor in total darkness. My eyes searched desperately for some clues as to my surroundings but it was way too dark to ascertain even the slightest detail. I tried to move my arms that I may feel around only to discover to my utter horror that I had been chained to the wall. My first thought was that I was in some police cell, but for all  my efforts I could not recollect how this could be. It was then I heard a low deep moaning sound. I called out but no one answered, I called again. This time I was rewarded with that low moan once again, it sounded like someone was hurt possibly even unconscious. I called out several more times but without reply, I even yelled out for someone to come and help us only to be left with an eerie silence. Having no success in the summoning assistance stakes I decided that with what freedom these infernal chains afforded me I would explore my immediate surroundings. The exploration took no time at all and it appeared to me that the floor I was laying was covered in a thin layer of straw and that the walls were of a stone rather than brick construction, though the biggest discovery that I made was not with my hands but rather with the shocking realisation that I was in fact completely naked.

Whether it was the effects of shock or just the cold I awoke to realise that I must have drifted off to sleep, I lay there on my side for a short while allowing my mind and thoughts to come into focus, it was there I realised we were no longer in darkness, from somewhere behind me a candle was shedding its radiant light about the room. I rolled over that I may get a better look at the person who had been groaning only to discover to my complete horror that it was no other than Rupert! What’s more he was not alone for the vision of the two women who I had met earlier were now loitering over his naked body they stay motionless for a short while and then began biting at him like two ravens pecking at carrion. This was incredulous I screwed shut my eyes as my still groggy mind swam with confusion and though I didn’t want to look I just could not help myself and started on in abject horror. I though it to be some nightmarish illusion, each time they bit, his body would jerk and he would let out a small cry, whatever was going on its was clear to me that he was far too weak to even attempt to defend himself.

                ‘’STOP’’ I yelled out at the top of my voice only to be ignored

                ‘’What in GODS name are you doing to him’’ Again no reaction from either of them, both seemed far too lost in their attentions towards my poor helpless friend.

I stared aghast at the spectacle playing out before my eyes.  I fought with all the might that I could muster against my chains but all effort was to no avail and I could do nothing but sit back and cry. I sobbed like a child I had never felt so powerless in all my life. A hand touched my shoulder and I looked up into the dark predatorial eyes of Josette.

‘’Don’t worry Sssssir’’ The word ‘Sir’ almost hissed rather than spoken

‘’He is nearly spent’’ she turned to look towards Genevieve still feasting upon Rupert’s twitching body before turning her attention back towards me, blood ran freely down the sides of her mouth and chin, sharp jagged teeth bared like a snarling hound. I slunk back into the wall as much as I possibly could.

‘’We kept him alive for two whole weeks, though I must admit over these last few days he has been no fun at all’’ She seemed genuinely upset and then her face brightened as she said

‘’But now we have you to play with’’ Ice ran through my veins and bile rose in my throat as she began to sensuously kiss my mouth. I clamped it shut only to have it prized open again by her slender yet amazingly strong fingers, suddenly her tongue was probing around inside the confines of my mouth and I began to taste, oh god I was actually tasting Rupert’s blood! She pulled away quickly and began to laugh sensing my utter disgust. Genevieve by now had also sidled up beside me, she kissed Josette hard upon her lips and then let her tongue lap up the small rivulets of blood running down her cheek. They both embraced and held each other close before letting go and began to make their way to the door.

‘’Don’t worry Terrance’’ Genevieve said as she turned back to look at me. How in God’s name did she know my name my mind raced frantically and then it struck me, my wallet! They must have been trough my wallet. She gave out a soft yet disturbing laugh

‘’Don’t worry we won’t leave you here all alone, we think it only fair that you should have a visitor’’. They both looked towards each other with that secretive look I had come to know so well and kissed once again, as they turned back towards the door Josette spoke.

‘’I am sure Emily will be most happy here with you’’

The door slammed shut to the sounds of my manic screams…….




The sound of the door opening roused me from my disjointed slumber, my mind snapping sharply into focus as I heard the sweet dulcet sound of my darling Emily’s voice.

                ‘’Is he alright? Why is he being kept in the dark?’’ She asked nervously.

A scream leapt from her delicate mouth as a candle was lit and she caught her first glimpse of what was left of Rupert’s body, a gasp and then another scream as Genevieve and Josette one either side of my beloved Emily turned her towards my direction, a tear rolled down my cheek. Shame, self loathing and anger fused into one tortured cry

                ‘’Please no’’ I screamed out in horror

                ‘’Tell her you love her’’ One of them said as she ran her tongue up Emily’s cheek

                ‘’No tell her you want to fuck her instead’’ A sickening cacophony of their manic laughter merging with the terrified screams of both my betrothed and myself sounded like a symphony sent from the very bowels of hell itself. My stomach twisted as Josette sank her jagged teeth into Emily’s upper arm. Her scream shrill and agonised, my scream frenzied and desperate. She fought with all the strength she had, faltering for a moment as Genevieve’s vicious bite slammed into my delicate roses shoulder and though once more she struggled and fought they were soon about her like a pack of dogs, almost immediately they had dragged her down to the floor and yet still she bravely fought on.

 My heart leapt as it seemed for the shortest time that she had broken free turning over trying frantically to crawl away even reaching the threshold of the door only to be cruelly grabbed by the ankle and dragged back into the waiting jaws of her assailants. With no effort at all they flipped her over onto her back and began to take their pleasures of her. Probing hands slipped beneath my poor Emily’s skirt, I heard her gasps and whimpers as the tears rolled down my cheeks.

The sounds of tearing material as they ripped open her dress, hands mauling her breasts heads nuzzling between her thighs lapping at her womanhood. Her desperate tortured cries flooding my mind in waves of excruciating madness. Again and again she screamed out more for them to stop. Like a scene from some diabolical play as they kissed and frolicked about her, again more tortured screams echoed about the cell as their claws tore at her quivering flesh and I could do nothing but look on in abject horror completely consumed within the madness of my Hell as I  witnessed my love, my beautiful pale rose being defiled and ripped apart like some rag doll by these most foul of vilest demons.

It was like witnessing two starving wolves tearing a helpless little lamb to pieces. Her anguished pleas for mercy and eventually for death only served to fuel their perverted passions for sadistic savagery higher and higher. This was vicious and primal, brutal and untamed and I was powerless to help, I could no longer even cry out my tormented agonies was that I was so weak with shock.  Eventually the screams fell silent and all I could hear was the sickening sounds of their barbaric feeding. Finally sating their hunger they looked back over towards me with cold uncaring eyes, strands of flesh, my Emily’s flesh and blood dripping freely from their crimson stained muzzles, like bloated Jackals gloating over their lifeless kill they stared back at me with emotionless eyes of the darkest obsidian and I knew that Emily was now lost to me forever.



For days I sat there in total darkness with only the smell of my loved ones rotting flesh to keep me company and though I pray with all my living soul my mind became a vault of tortured images and fractured hopes, images and horrors that only death alone could relieve me of.  My suffering  went beyond all sense and reason as I lay there screaming and crying out for release.

Hope dangled tantalisingly before me the night they finally entered my cell and I thanked God on high for his mercy for I cared not on what wings my death be delivered just as long as it came.

Why am I still alive, why should I be spared and not they? Fate too it seemed no longer bade me any charity for as I lay there dying dehydrated and wasting away, they came with eyes like those of a demon and they bit and they drank but also they nourished me, though this was not of bread and water this was of blood. For they took blood from each other and in what can only be described as a foul  parody of a kiss they force that wretched fluid down my throat, so week was I that in the end I fought no more and simply submitted to their desires.

If I knew then what I surely know now I would have fought on until my heart gave out for now I too am eternal cursed to walk the haunted halls of my mind forevermore. For this can only be described as purgatory for each night I am forced to live in this hell hole of a stinking cell and each nauseating night I am forced to watched my best friend and my one and only true love rot and decompose before my very eyes. Scream’s both tortured and manic add to my madness as I realise other poor souls are sharing in my horror incarcerated within the walls of the other cells and I cry out to them begging them to cease their sickening torments but it is to no avail.

 Filthy flee ridden vermin too, became brave in my presence taking their gluttonous fill scurrying and scampering, gnawing and desecrating the very sanctity of what remained of my poor Emily’s body. For month on end each and every night I screamed out to a God that had deserted me and for what use was my collar, what protection did my faith award me that fateful night and what had a life of devotion and service to the Lord on high granted me with but a place in my very own hell.

For the first year or two I deluded myself that I had been chosen to prove myself to pit my faith for a higher purpose. What foolish lies we weave to sustain our hopes and pitiful beliefs. There is no love or innocence when a man of the cloth feeds off, the blood of rats and he is reduced to nothing but a lowly beast. I have preyed upon and been so grateful for some starving young waif or an old gin soaked hag thrown into my cell and I cared not that my keepers watched on and revelled in the spectacle of my hungered assault on these poor fools. I like the sirens who delivered me here to this place now bask in those worthless wretches demise for the longer I remained in my cell the stronger the need to feed became, reason gave way to savagery and faith crumbled in the face of a vicious hunger.

It has been nearly three years now and at last I am free to walk about the house as I choose, no chains, no binds only my need to stay near to my benefactors, with my affirmation now entirely complete I am born again, and what of my faith, my crux, my staff and my cup runeth over? What do I know now that I did not before and what great revelation did he bestowed upon me? The answer is none I am but the sum of his love for me I am but a hollow husk devoid of any heavenly warmth.

 The only true solid comfort that I found was in the knowledge that I was never alone down there in the darkness of those cells, for I was never far from others of the like myself others of the cloth trapped forever within the web of our false faiths, faith’s that ripened us for the feast.

Many Nuns, priest’s and holy men all of differing beliefs have been guests down there and they like myself now have discovered the undeniable nature of our true selves and of the one we blindly put our faith into, we are bound together by the lie of love and the scars of hate and if any revelation were to be gained from all of this it is this, for now I realise why the kennels where so important to those that are the keepers of this house.

I wipe the blood from my mouth and look down at the poor stupid fool now laying, dead at my feet, lost innocence fading in those dying eyes. Where else would Lucifer keep and train his prized hounds of Hell but in a kennel?

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