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Whole Brain Revelations
Started by Son of Satan 1 year ago

The final part of this story just came back. This is the only way it can be told. 































The story you are about to see is a result of whole brain pattern recognition. The scenes and scenarios depicted could be very dangerous if attempted in the real world.























The Book of Whole Brain Revelations


Casey 1:0


We see a reporter and Casey setting up for an interview.


Reporter: “Do you fear that telling this story signifies the end of the world?”


Casey: “Whether we tell this story or not the end will come. The patterns created by the story of Jesus took thousands of years to play out. We still have a lot of time left on earth. I think the thing we need to focus on now is not being afraid. The point of the book of revelations is this. Even if the world ends, everything will be fine. I believe if we choose to ignore this story any longer we’ll simply be making things more difficult for our race.”


Reporter: “What about other whole brain thinkers who can convince people they are the second coming? Don’t you think this means it’s not real?”


Casey: “Nature works in clusters. I believe we’ve all been given this ability for a purpose. Nature wants this story to be told eventually. From within any cluster one will rise with a different and usually superior purpose to all the others. I believe the purpose of the one in our case is to create a cluster with this story.


The Earth is also among a cluster of planets within our galaxy. This story will begin the patterns which lead to an oceanic existence for our race. I believe that if we decide not to tell this story we will be choosing to remain on this planet until it freezes and we all die. On one of the planets within our galaxy the human race will rise to explore the universe. The question is will that be us? Teaching whole brain thinking may be the only way to choose our destiny.


I’d like to stress that I believe the poles will shift long before the land is completely gone. This will still be a long natural process just like everything else we’ve seen. I think we’re hearing this story at this time so we can prepare for the end of land on this planet. The truth has to be heard sooner rather than later so we can begin those preparations with enough time. We can only sweep the end of the world under a rug for so long. The longer we wait, the harder things will be.”


Fade black


Narrator: “The story you’re about to see is my life story with embellished details. I believe these stories have to be written this way. They’re educational and entertaining, creative and logical at the same time. This is how bible tales are told.”






























The Book of Whole Brain Revelations


Casey 1:1 Playing god


We see a small child sitting on a floor. His mother is sitting cross legged in front of him.


Mother: “Ok sweetie. When I ask you a question I want you to check both sides of your brain like this. (Mother demonstrates looking upward to both sides) and then check your subconscious mind like this. (Mother looks down in patterns) Even if you don’t know the answer you can just say “I don’t know.””


We see short scenes of the mother asking questions and holding flash cards. The boy is checking his whole brain for the answers. Finish the scene with a close up of the boy.


Boy: (Looking puzzled) “I don’t know.”




















The Book of Whole Brain Revelations



Casey 1:1 Cherry picking closet lesbians


We see a group of girls standing along side the dance floor of a night club. A male approaches.


Male: “Hi ladies. Which one of you would be the most difficult for me to pick up?”


All of the females point to the same girl. The male Checks her up and down, turns and leans into her ear. Freeze camera on girl’s face. Caption reads “The Closet Dike.”


Male: “Can I buy you a drink?”


Hard to get girl (Brunette): “No.”


Male: (Whispers in her ear) “There’s a drink I’d like you to try called “Closet full of skeletons.”


Hard to get girl: (Surprised and frustrated) “Fine.”


The man and woman approach the bar, the man orders a rye and coke and the woman orders a vodka club soda.


Male: “You know it’s not really right teaching them to look out for guys who are “perverted” like that. As a closet dike your definition of a pervert is any guy who’s sexually interested. Just because you don’t want to have sex with men doesn’t mean they shouldn’t, they’re straight. Relationship wise you’re a toxic influence.”


Female: (Thinking for a moment) “You’re right I am.”


Male: “I’ve seen this all over. I believe it’s a pattern of population control due to the low economy in this area. It could also possibly be a pattern pointing toward extinction.”


Female: “What?”

Male: “You’re leading them to date closet fags. The guys you find for them who don’t seem like perverts. All men think about sex a lot. If you find guys who don’t seem interested in sex with attractive females, they’re probably gay. One of the natural functions of premature ejaculation in men is to confuse these women. They think these men are ejaculating into them instead of just losing their erections because of how grossed out they are, which is what is really happening. This is the meaning of life for the closet homosexual. You have pointless sex with each other and straight people. It all started with upgrades to in-home technology…”


Female: (Interrupting) “Can we go somewhere quieter?”


Skip to short scene of male going down on female.


Skip to a different night club and see the male whispering into the ear of a blonde. Flash to male and blonde sitting at coffee shop.


Male: “As in-home technology upgraded the women’s rights movement began to gain support by men in big business. These men were basically saying “Buy it yourself, if want the house work to be this easy, go get a real job.”


Flash to male brushing teeth in bathroom. Brunette girl is sitting on the edge of a bed.


Male: (Speaking with tooth brush in hand) “Then we had women moving into the work force and becoming more like men to survive in a man’s world and men were becoming more like women to create a more welcoming environment.”


Female: “You got like a t shirt or something I could sleep in?”


Freeze on girl’s face. Caption reads “The Hood Rat.” The man throws her a white t shirt. She opens it up to reveal a navy blue Nike Swoosh across her breasts.


Flash to male talking to table of females at a pub.


Male: “At that time both sexes were stripping something the opposite sex is attracted to. Along with closet homosexuality this caused divorce rates to sky rocket. Single mothers are a growing issue and a lot of them still want to be stay at home moms, which causes increases in the number of welfare recipients.”


Flash to male talking to group of people outside of a nightclub.


Male: “These single women who aren’t working are now raising young men and they become a toxic influence in their lives. More and more men every year are growing lazier and less motivated. Today women have to pick through more and more of these men to find a decent relationship. They End up looking up to women who have the easiest time rejecting men. That’s where the closet lesbians come in.”


Guy from crowd: “How many of these closet lesbians have you slept with?”


Male: “hmmm.”























The Book of Whole Brain Revelations


Casey 1:2 Am I crazy?


We see the guy sitting up on a couch with a psychiatrist sitting in a chair beside him.


Psychiatrist: “And how did you talk these women into having sex with you.”


Male: “I offered to go down on them until they got off before I penetrated them.”


Psychiatrist: “Mm hmm. And how many of them let you enter them once they achieved an orgasm?”


Male: “Just one.”


Flash to scene of male lying on bed as naked female runs away yelling.


Female: “Ok, now get that thing out of me!”


Flash back to the psychiatrist office.


Psychiatrist: “Why did you continue to pursue closet lesbians after this?”


Male: “I don’t know, I kind of like the torture of rejection, feeling the results of complete self sacrifice. It’s kind of weird.”


Psychiatrist: “That is weird.”











The Book of Whole Brain Revelations    


Casey 1:3 Work


We see our guy (Casey) sitting at a computer desk. He’s looking at the profile of a hot brunette. The name Laura Meloche across the screen. Flash to the door. The door bell rings and he closes his laptop. He stands up and answers the door.


Delivery guy: “That’s $33.30.”


Casey: “Thanks.”


Casey sits on a chair pulled close to his T.V. Fires up a joint and cigarette at the same time. He picks up a controller from the floor and puts it in his lap to check the time on his cell phone 1:30.


Casey: “1 hour.”


Fade out with sound of play station starting up.


1 hour later


Fade in


We see Casey opening the door to his apartment and leaving. He’s dressed for work in a factory. Casey Checks his phone 2:30. Show a short scene of him walking with no back ground music. He arrives at a garbage dump and enters a side building. He checks his phone again, 3:33. Now wearing a hooded sweater, Casey approaches a conveyor belt along side three other people. The conveyor belt begins to move and large piles of garbage move past. Casey is picking out large plastic containers and bouncing them off a metal wall into a bin.


Flickering light comes up the wall behind the bin he’s bouncing the containers into as the plastic is melted. The factory is dark and dirty. The other people are hunched over the line picking out other recyclable objects and throwing them into separate bins. A man turns to Casey and speaks.


Man: “Are you here from hell?”

Casey: (Turning slowly) “What?”


Man: “Did you hear the bell?”


Casey: “Oh, no I didn’t. Is it break?”


Man: “Yeah.”


We see Casey sitting at a table surrounded by other guys and one tough thick girl.


Guy 1: “This place is hell.”


Casey snaps to attention and looks puzzled.


Jamaican guy: “This place ain’t hell man. Hell is much worse.”


Casey: “What could be worse than sorting through junk at the dump? Shoveling coal into a fire would be an upgrade. I guess we’re one step above shoveling human shit for 60 hours a week but that’s why that job doesn’t exist. Ok so maybe hell could be slightly worse.”


Guy 1: “It’s just really hard on your back. It’s like being tortured.”


Jamaican guy: “What you know about torture man?”


Guy 1: “I’m saying it just feels like…”


Casey: (Interrupting) “Like being whipped. The flames on the wall, all that’s missing is the smell of brimstone.”


Guy 1: “Huh?”


Casey: “I had a dream about a demon. It was a big 13 foot tall mother fucker. It had to duck to be in my bedroom, picked me up by the head. When I woke up I could still feel his hands on my scalp. I paced back and forth in my apartment praying for a while that night.”


Guy 2: “Jesus. Inside thoughts, man. Keep some things to yourself.”


Guy 3: (To Casey) “What do you think heaven and hell are?”


Casey: “Heaven and hell exist in your mind. The subconscious mind is where the self preservation instinct comes from. You stack regret in your subconscious as well and when you dream you have the ability to make seconds feel like hours. Also your subconscious mind operates on another plane of existence, another universe, your molecular structure. Relatively speaking your brain could have the ability to put you into a realm where billions of years go by to our second. I believe when your heart stops beating and your brain continues living for seven minutes your subconscious mind knows your heart has stopped beating. In order to self preserve it will do every thing in its power to make that last seven minutes feel like an eternity. Have you ever had a dream about hell?”


Casey looks around. Everyone turns to look at each other; a few guys shake their heads. One guy looks straight at Casey.


Guy 3: “I have.”


Casey: “What caused that dream?”


Guy 3: “I don’t know.”


Casey: “Do you think it could be fear, pain, regret, sorrow, repressed memories…”


Guy 3: “I’m going to go with regret.”


Casey: “Then you’ve already had a tour of hell. Those are the types of regrets you pay for and stacking them instead of allowing yourself to suffer for them and then learning from your mistakes is what will cause these nightmares to occur. If you feel something coming up that you try to push away or consciously justify and shrug off. You have to allow yourself to focus on it, realize it is a mistake, and apologize to yourself for it. If you do this and you stop making the same mistakes and making excuses for those mistakes, you will go to heaven just before you die. It will be the greatest dream of your life.


Suffer for your sins and repent. You only have yourself to answer to for this. Don’t let other people tell you what you should or should not feel bad for. You know the types of things you regret. When you feel them or something triggers them, suffer and repent as I said and you’ll be just fine. Forgive yourself, don’t worry about anyone else. That’s the point of religion anyway. It’s God’s judgment over the judgment of man. God exists within you. He or she is your subconscious mind.”


A burley man opens the door.


Burley: “What are you all still doing in here? Get back to work.”

































The Book of Whole Brain Revelations


Casey 1:4 Tour of Hell


We see a man and woman standing at the entrance to their home from the inside of the house behind the man. The woman is about to leave and has a suit case with her. Silly sixties background music plays.


Man: “Karen please, I just bought a whole case of lube.”


Karen: “I’m sorry Stan you just don’t please me sexually anymore.”


Stan: (Fed up) “Well fuck life then.”


Karen leaves and Stan goes into the garage. He sits on a stack of tires.


Stan: (With chin in hand) “Ahh now where did I leave that damned noose?” (WA WA)


The dog comes running into the garage and drops the noose at Stan’s feet.


Stan: (Petting dog) “Thanks buddy. You always were a good friend.”


Stan stands on top of the stack of tires and ties the noose to a beam above him. As he kicks the tires out from under him he begins to fall. We see a hand reach out of thin air and wrap itself around his neck as he falls into the grasp of it. The back ground burns away and we see that Stan is now in hell. The hand is attached to a 15 foot demon. The demon has gun metal gray skin. Carves in his face like gills but he does not appear fish like. His horns are bone and are dirty with ash. The demon is ripped and holds Stan in one hand without difficulty.


As the demon catches Stan by the neck Stan looks up and sees where he is. He begins to fight and struggle within the grasp of the demon. A look of sheer terror comes across his face. He thrashes his arms and legs to no avail. We’re shown the Demon’s face and his eyes glow red. Smoke pours out of the grooves in his face and trails up the center of his eyes. The demon finally turns and throws Stan into a pile of burning coal.


Demon: “Welcome to hell. (Holds out hand) Oh look a hand full of lava.”

The demon splashes lava all over Stan’s face.


Stan: (Screaming) “What have I done to deserve this?”


Demon: “You were told suicide was a sin. Did you think you’d be forgiven? Think again.”


Stan: (With tears in his eyes and screaming like a woman) “Fuck you!”


The demon charges at Stan and rips his head off. Stan wakes up next to his wife in bed. He turns and she wakes up.


Karen: “Hey. Could you go down on me?”


Stan: “Hell yeah.”


Stan lifts the sheets and Karen is severed from the waist down. Stan begins to scream and cry like a little bitch. We flash back to hell and the demon is raping Karen as Stan watches. Video is shaky and blurred around the edges. We can hear the rattle of a snake tale, a low growl, a heart beat and high pitched screams off in the background.


Demon: (In low growling voice) “This is only the beginning.”


Stan comes to as if from a day dream and he’s standing in a field. He can see Karen off in the distance. He begins to run toward her. He cannot remember why but for some reason he’s worried for her. Suddenly he sees a lion approaching slowly from behind her.


Stan: (Panicking) “Karen, look out!”


Before she can turn around fully, the lion attacks. Stan watches in horror as she is mauled and eaten by a pack of lions. Flash back to the demon in hell.


Demon: “This is eternity for the suicidal. The reason you killed yourself is your last living nightmare.”





The Book of Whole Brain Revelations


Casey 1:5 Free Them from the Matrix


We see Casey enter a busy night club. He approaches the bar and the bartender nods his head.


Casey: (Shouting over the music) “Can I get a vodka tonic?”


Bartender: “That’s disgusting, but yeah.”


Casey pays for and accepts his drink and makes his way to the edge of the dance floor. He checks out a group of girls and sees his closet lesbian. Noticing her body language, he moves toward her. He leans into her ear and speaks.


Casey: “Are you a closet lesbian”


Woman: “How did you know?”


Casey: “It’s your body language. You’re a bit boyish. What’s your name?”


Woman: “Carla, so what do we do here?”


Casey: “Nothing. (Pauses) I’m going to hook you up with a girl.”


Carla: “Seriously?”


Casey: “Yeah I found you didn’t I?”


Carla: “Oh yeah. Ok.”


Casey: “Pick the hottest girl you see.”


Carla: “Seriously? Ok her.” (Pointing)


Like a dumb ass Casey forgets to check the girl’s body language and just approaches. Leaning in he asked her a question.


Casey: “Are you a closet lesbian?”

Woman: (With light sarcasm) “Yeah I am.”


Freeze on girl’s face. Caption reads “The Super Cunt.”


Casey: (Mistaking sarcasm with boyishness) “See that girl looking over at us?”


Woman: “Yeah, is she a closet lesbian?”


Casey: “She is.”


Woman: “She’s hot.”


Casey: “Yeah she is, isn’t she? Go for it.”


Thinking he had done a good deed, Casey re-approached the bar and began telling the bartender about what he’d done. The second “closet lesbian” taps on his shoulder.


Woman: “Hey, come have a drink with us.”


Casey walks over to the table and sits with both girls.


Woman: “So how do you find closet lesbians so easily?”


Casey: “Two ways. I read their body language to see if they seem boyish but also the leader of the pack girls these days seem to be closet lesbians 9-10 times. I could tell you were the leader for sure.”


Woman: “I am. How did you find her?”

Carla: “Yeah, I’m not the leader.”


Casey: “Look at her. She’s very boyish.” (Laughs lightly)


Woman: “She is isn’t she?”


Carla: “Yeah I totally am.”


Woman: “She might be a little too boyish for me.”

Casey: (Realizing the girl’s body language was not that of a lesbian) “That’s because you’re not a closet lesbian.”


Woman: “Nope.”


Casey: (Looking to the side) “Shit, why did you play along for so long?”


Woman: (Looking down) “I don’t know.”


Casey: “She’s still a human being, that’s kind of fucked up.”


Carla: “Yeah, it’s really fucked up.”


Woman: (Getting upset but not leaving) “Fuck you, she’s a closet lesbian. Fuckin dike!”


Casey: “Could you please leave?”


Carla: “No I’m going to sit here until she’s outed in front of all her friends.”


Casey: “Even if that happens you’ll send her further into the closet and she’ll hate straight girls. This isn’t going to help anything. Plus any closet lesbians watching will just hate straight girls more as well. You’re only causing things to get much worse. Please leave.”


Casey nods to a doorman leaning against a post. The doorman approaches and pulls the second girl away from the table with a struggle. As he takes her arm he gives Casey a pissed off look.


Casey: (To Carla) “Are you alright?”


Carla: “No, I gotta get out of here.”


Carla stands up and makes a quick exit. Casey takes a pissed off look from the bartender.


Bartender: “Well go after her.”


Chasing her out onto the sidewalk, Casey tries to calm her down.


Casey: “Hey slow down, hold on a second.”


Carla: (Shooting finger at bar) “Fuck you!” (With tears streaming down her face)


Casey followed close behind for a few feet without speaking.


Casey: “That girl was a cunt from hell. I had no idea she would do something like that.”


Carla: “Why did she have to do that? I know man, thanks for trying.”


Casey: “Are you going to be alright? Do you want to hang out for a bit and talk? Lately I feel like I could tell you the meaning of life. My mother played god with me when I was about three and trained me to be a whole brain thinker. I’m borderline insane because of it most of the time now but for some reason I put puzzles together that seem to tell what the universe is. Ask me anything, go.”


Carla: “Why did god make me this way?”


Casey: “Well it’s all a pattern I’ve noticed pointing toward extinction…”


As they walk a group of guys pass.


Guy 1: “Nice ass.”


Casey: “Thanks.”


Guy 1: “I was talking to her.”


Casey: (Turning and advancing toward him) “Oh you were talking to her?”


Casey punches the guy in the chin knocking him out immediately. Casey turns to the guys friends. He puts both hands to his own neck and cracks it. After cracking his neck he falls to the ground. A moment later Casey stands back up and cracks his neck again.


Casey: “Yep, he’s in hell. (Turning to the guys friends) Anyone else?”


Both of the guy’s friends shake their heads nervously.


Casey: “I’m fucking with you, he’s knocked out. He’s not dead.”


Both guys laugh.


Guy 1: “That was fucking awesome.”


Casey turns and walks away with the closet lesbian.


Carla: “That was cool man, you did that for me?”


Casey: “Yeah does that turn you on?”

Carla: “No, but it was pretty cool man, thanks.”


Casey: “Yeah figures, the first time I knock a guy out for a girl, she’s a lesbian.”


Fade into conversation in living room of Carla’s apartment


Casey: “And that’s the meaning of life for the closet homosexual. So that cunt tonight, you’re the reason her grand kids won’t have kids. And her purpose is ultimately the same as yours.”


Carla: “Awesome, but why do people have to be so mean about it?”


Casey: “Well the instinct that homosexuality is wrong is what created the “Closet” homosexual. Otherwise why be in the closet. Also religion is what originally installed this instinct into our minds. The “word” of god.”


Carla: “That’s Crazy. You think about things in really cool ways man.”


Casey: “Thanks.”


Carla: “So do you ever think I’ll find a girl.”


Casey: “Hell yeah. I told you how to look for them today. Remember, leader of the pack girls with boyish body language. You’ll see them everywhere it’s weird. I kind of feel like I saw this pattern and tried to free you from it and it put you into a new pattern. It might just be my mind playing tricks on me. You were feeling suicidal and it felt like nature was willing to kill you to stop me from breaking the pattern.


The girl is the super cunt. I hadn’t taken notice of her purpose until tonight but it’s similar to yours. By causing these girls to be meaner she’s preventing procreation as well. She is also what governs you to perform your function. You make the straight girls reject men and you try to turn them into lesbians. As you’ve seen tonight, if you step out of line, she’ll converge on you. In a way she’s your direct superior or your “boss.” (As though having an epiphany) Oh my god.


The reason she hates you so much is because as a child she was raped by a woman. She became a super cunt as a defense mechanism. She doesn’t hate men she hates women that’s why she’s the toughest bitch out there. (Epiphany) She makes you either commit suicide or hate heterosexual women so much you end up raping a female child creating another super cunt. (With surprise) It’s psychological breeding. She’s your opposite rape victim parent and you reproduce super cunts.”


Carla: (Laughing) “So… you think I should go rape some kid?”


Casey: “NO, NO, NO. Just because these are two potential patterns doesn’t mean they’re the only paths available. You just have to keep your eyes open and you’ll find another lesbian. Don’t attack children or straight girls.”


Carla: (Smiling) “Yeah. I wasn’t going to.”


Casey: “I know. Did you see the way the super cunt looked down and said “I don’t know?” When I asked her why she played along for as long as she did? That was because as a child she was raped by a woman. She has repressed this memory now and the blank look on her face was her mind fighting to remember and forget at the same time. I believe everything happens for a reason but its nature’s reason. This was the system’s plan readjusting. It allowed the super cunt to humiliate the closet lesbian putting her back in her box and it punished me for interfering. This gives me the instinct not to try this again.


The angry looks from both the door man who helped me and the bartender told me to chase after you; this puts a sort of phobia in my mind. I feel nervous right now about the idea of attempting this in the future.”


Carla: “That’s totally fucking weird.”


Casey: “Look I just fucked up. Screen the girls better than I did and you’ll be fine. I’m sorry. You’re a very hot chick and you’re going to cherry pick better lesbians every time you go out. Maybe I’ll pass this advice onto other girls as well and hopefully that’ll help.”


Carla: “Cherry pick?”


Casey: “Yeah it’s a little nickname I came up with for it.”


Carla: “That’s cool man thanks for saying I’m hot. It means a lot. So what do you get out of this?”


Casey: “Well a few times now I used my knowledge and brain power to bed a few closet lesbians. Just to prove I could do it but then I got to like that closet lesbians prefer you to cum quickly. (Smiles)  I’d offer to go down on them from behind to get them off first. Then bang! I was going down on the hottest girls in the bar.”


Carla: (Laughing) “That’s hilarious. So you did this to like, make up for that or something?”


Casey: “I guess, kind of, but it got fucked up.”


Carla: “Seriously fucked up.”


Casey: “Do you want me to go down on you?” (Smiles)


Carla: (Laughing) “No that’s alright. It was nice meeting you but I should go to bed.”


Casey: (Getting up to leave) “Ok, Goodnight.”


Carla: (Walking him to the door) “Goodnight.”


Closing the door behind him the closet lesbian heads for bed.




































The Book of Whole Brain Revelations


Casey 2:1 Satan


Show a black screen reading “Satan.” Fade in to two children sitting on the floor watching TV. We hear a mother behind them talking on the phone. Show the mother pacing back and forth in the room behind them clenching her hands together and appearing to speak frantically.


Mother: “I don’t know why they won’t listen. I beg them and beg them to do their chores and they won’t. (Listening for a few moments) Yeah, yeah I know. You’re right. That’s what I need to do. Alright I’ll talk to you later.”


The mother hangs up the phone and approaches the children. She starts to pout and use puppy dog face.


Mother: “My friend’s and parents say I should force you guys to do your homework, but you don’t want me to do that do you?”


Boy and girl in unison: “No.”


Mother: “Ok, I won’t but I’m going upstairs to read and when I come down I want your chores done ok?”


Children in unison: “Ok.”


Mother retreats to bedroom like retard and children remain in front of TV. Show dirty dishes on counter, dog shit on floor under dining room table. Show a back yard with three basset hounds running around. Go up to bedrooms to show dirty clothes all over the floor. The girl’s bedroom is cleaner than the boys. Show a black screen reading “3 hours later.”


The mother comes down the stairs and sees the children sitting on the floor watching TV. She notices the house work has not been completed.


Mother: “You guys didn’t do your chores. I’m very disappointed in you.”


Kids in unison: (Sad faces) “We’re sorry.”


Mother: (Knowing full well it’s her own damn fault) “It’s ok. Do you want pop and chips for dinner?”


Boy: “Sure.”


Girl: “Yeah.”


Mother: (To boy) “Go get my purse.”


Boy: “Ok.”


The child retrieves the mother’s purse and brings it back. The mother takes out a couple of dollars and gives it to the child. The boy leaves and walks to the store. We see the mother and daughter sit on the couch and watch TV together.


Mother: “You know I heard you say you wanted to do your chores and Casey was the one who said no. I didn’t mean to yell at you. It’s his fault. I’m sorry.”


Daughter: “It’s ok. I know. I love you.”


Mother: “I love you too. I love your brother. He’s just bad sometimes.”


We see a motorcycle pull up in front of the house.


Mother: “Jack’s here.”


Daughter: “Yay.”


Fade in and out of living room. We see mother and boyfriend laughing and watching TV with kids eating chips and drinking pop.


Mother: “Ok, time for bed.”


Kids: “Ok.”


The kids get up and go to bed. Fade to black screen reading “1 hour later.” Fade into bar scene. We see the mother and Jack walk into the bar and sit down at a table. They order a pitcher and the mother pulls $20 dollars from her purse.

The Book of Whole Brain Revelations


Casey 2:2 Satan 2.0


We see to the boy in school. He’s winking at Laura beside him. She’s smiling and looking away shyly. When she looks back the girl sitting beside her (Krystal) looks over at Casey too. Casey winks at Laura at that moment.


Krystal: “Did you just wink at her?”


Casey: “No, I was winking at you.”


Krystal: “Oh.” (She winks back)


Laura: (Turning to Casey) “You were winking at her?”


Casey: “No I just said that so she wouldn’t make fun of you.”


Laura: “Oh.”


Laura looks down at her desk as if trying to avoid being made fun of.


Krystal: (To Laura) “Why do you do that with him, he’s the stinky kid.”


Laura: “I can’t help it he’s so cute.”


Casey: (To Laura) “Krystal winked back at me when I said that.”


Laura: (To Krystal) “You winked at him? You’re making fun of me for smiling at him and you winked at him?”


Laura and Krystal bicker for a moment.


Teacher: (Mouthing to Casey) “They’re fighting over you.”


Kid in the back: (Reading teachers lips) “HA HA! You guys are fighting over the stinky kid.”


The entire class erupts with laughter. Krystal turns around and starts trying to defend herself. Laura looks down at her desk and with her hands in motions tries to block out the memory.


Laura: “I don’t like him, I don’t like him, I don’t like him.”


Casey:  (Taps on Laura’s shoulder) “Wait, don’t fight it away yet. I may be the stinky kid now but I’m going to turn this around one day and I’m going to come back for you.”


Laura: “Ok, but how will I know it’s you?”


Casey: “Have you seen Aladdin?”


Laura: “Yeah, it’s kind of a boy movie.”


Casey: “The scene where he takes her on the magic carpet ride. I’m going to hold my hand out and ask if you trust me.”


Laura: (Smiling) “Ok.”


Casey: “Ok you can fight it away now and pick on me if you want.”


Laura: “Ok.”


Casey looks down at his desk and makes the same motions with his hand that Laura was. He repeats “I don’t like him.” Three times and Laura does the same. They smile at each other but then Casey looks down at the floor with obvious pain in his eyes.


Teacher: “Fuck, now he’s sacrificing himself.” (Looking at Laura) “He might be the second coming of Jesus.”


Laura: “That would be cool.”


Casey: “What?”


Teacher: “Never mind.”


Flash back to the boy at his house. He’s begging his mom to bring him to the laundry mat. He’s wearing an old eighties nit sweater and pleated corduroy pants with beat up penny loafers.


Mother: “I don’t have the money right now. You’ll have to wash your clothes in the bathtub.”


We see the boy the next day at school and he can’t stop scratching. The teacher calls him to her desk and looks at his skin. There is a rash all over both of the boy’s arms.


Teacher: “Jesus Christ. Did you wash your clothes in the bathtub?”


Casey: “Yeah, why?”


Teacher: “Go home and tell your mother to put some cream on your skin and take you to the laundry mat because she’s an idiot.” (Beginning to tear up but wiping it away)


The class laughs for a moment but sees the teacher crying and they look down at their desks. The little boy leaves the classroom. We see the little boy and mother at the laundry mat.


Mother: “You know I always felt like you and I were close, closer than I am with your sister. You know how we both like to act things out. She doesn’t seem to do that very much. You and me are more alike. I think she’s more like your dad.” (Saying “dad” in disgusted tone)


Fade to black screen reading “1 month later.” We see the little boy and girl sitting on the floor watching TV in same filthy house. Mother is on the phone with her friend.


Mother: “No. I’m their daughter and they won’t even help me. I’m on welfare and I can’t afford all of this. Yeah isn’t that great? They won’t even help their own daughter.” (Sarcastic tone)


The mother hangs up the phone with her friend and excuses herself to her room to read. Children argue about chores briefly and go back to watching TV.


Daughter: (Turning to Casey) “Why do you always smell so bad?”


We see the boy upstairs pounding on the mother’s bedroom door.


Casey: “Mom, we’re hungry.”


Mother: “There’s food, make yourself something.”


Casey: “But my teacher says it’s your job to take care of us.”


Sister: (From downstairs) “It’s ok. I’ll make something. Don’t worry Casey. Let mom read.”


Flash back to downstairs. We see the daughter enter the kitchen. The three dogs are coming and begging for attention. The child opens the cupboards and there are a few cans of green beans and some pasta noodles. Most of the other cupboards are bare. She opens the cabinet under the sink and finds a bag of potatoes. She pulls them out and begins cutting them. She puts a dirty pan on the stove and puts margarine into it. Freeze camera with image of girl cooking. Caption reads “Mothering instinct.” Show mother laying in bed reading. Caption is a question mark.




















The Book of Whole Brain Revelations


Casey 2:3 Old Demons 


Flash back to Casey as a child hiding in a corner at recess. Two of his friends approach.


Friend 1: “Hey you can come play with us now if you want.”


Casey: “No, I’m alright here. I kinda like being alone.”


Friends: “Ok.”


Both friends walk away. We see the girl Casey had a crush on standing on the basketball court looking toward the corner she knows he’s hiding in. We see Casey again in the corner. He’s facing the wall. He begins to punch it repeatedly.





















The Book of Whole Brain Revelations


Casey 2:4 Laura Meloche


We see Casey and a friend enter a bar. They say hi and speak to the bartender for a moment before walking through the door. As they enter Casey’s friend is excited by something he sees.


Friend: “Holy shit, it’s Laura Meloche.”


Casey: “Where?”


Friend: “She’s sitting at the bar.”


Casey approaches her.


Casey: “Hi.”


Laura: “Hi. (Awkward pause) I’m sorry for the way I treated you in grade school.”


Casey: “It’s alright. (Awkward pause)You were just doing what any kid would do.”


Laura: “Well still, I’m sorry.”


Casey: “I forgive you.”


Casey and Laura talk for a while about their childhood. Remembering the connection they had at first and the fact that neglect led to the situation.


Casey: “Yeah, it was all my mother. If she had done anything I would have been just fine.”


Laura: “Yeah, you would have.”


Casey: “When I was a teenager I dated a girl who reminded me of you. It’s funny you’re almost exactly like her personality wise. I bet I could read your mind.”


For the next few moments Casey and Laura exhibit the same body language and he says everything she’s saying at the same time as her.


Laura: “Stop it.”


Casey: “Ok I’ll stop.”


Laura: “Actually it’s funny. I went out with this guy Chris who was almost exactly like you are. He used to do that with me too.”


Casey: “That’s crazy. So, we dated each other when we were sixteen. Let’s test this theory. What are the two words I chanted over and over uncontrollably?”


Laura: “Pablo Grofeo.”


Casey: “That’s impossible. Only G.G. could have known that. What the fuck?”


Laura: “I don’t know. That’s weird.”


Casey: “So this has got to be destiny. When G.G. broke up for me it was for a specific reason. Why did you break up with this Chris guy?”


Laura: “It was because he wasn’t tough. I wanted to feel protected so I dumped him for another guy.”


Casey: “Yep. It’s the same thing. I ended up becoming tougher because of it.”


Laura: “That’s good.”


Casey: “Yeah, so thanks for that I guess, even though it wasn’t really you.”


Laura smiles and nods shyly.


Casey: “I remember the day you left grade school, Ms Hadley made you kiss my cheek and told you I might turn into a prince.”


Laura: “Yeah, but you haven’t done anything with your life.


Casey: (Looking down ashamed) “Yeah, I know. Do you want to see what I can do?”


Laura: “Sure.”


Casey: “Ok come outside with me.”


Laura follows Casey and they exit the bar.





























The Book of Whole Brain Revelations


Casey 2:5 if you could ask god a question…


We see Casey surrounded by people in front of a bar smoking. He and Laura are facing each other whispering. They finish and Casey turns around.


Casey: (To the crowd) “If you could ask god a question, what would you ask?”


Woman: “What is the meaning of life?”


Casey: “There are four main functions of the human race. The first is to melt the polar ice caps and raise the water level to give the earth a 100% water surface.”


Guy: “Why would the earth need a 100% water surface?”


Casey: “Pluto is 100% water which means it must have been like the Earth at one time. Water comes into being as we’ve seen here by burning fossil fuel. Pluto is a ball of ice and it’s shrinking. When it shrinks out of existence the water level on the earth will raise, we’ll lose our atmosphere, the surface will freeze, and evolution will begin on mars like clock work. This is how the world will end.”


Male 2: “Mars isn’t close enough to the sun to sustain life.”


Casey: “I believe the sun will grow in between Pluto vanishing and the earth’s surface freezing. The ball of ice may be sustaining the heat of the sun in one way or another and if that’s true there may be a slight delay at which time the sun becomes larger. If this happens the sun would grow closer to Mars. Now because of this, if we had stopped pollution dead in it’s tracks a decade or two ago and saved the Earth from global warming. We would stop the planet’s surface from freezing. If that happened we may have inadvertently created a supernova.”


Female: “When will this happen? When will the water level rise?”


Casey: “That I can’t tell you because I don’t know. However; the polar ice caps are melting rapidly. This could mean we’re approaching the end or it could just be the second last step. There may be a possibility that we’ll continue to live under the ice and/or that we’ll evolve into a humanoid fish species. Perhaps the aliens visiting earth have been feeding from our ocean. (Smiling) If that’s true they’d have suits that cycled water through them the way we cycle oxygen. They would only have minutes on land before the water would become toxic to them similarly to our astronaut suits. It’s possible that an alien species such as this could currently exist within our ocean. They would live within Caverns deeper than we’ve ever been able to view. When the water level rises I do not believe that is the end for the human race. Even if the world ends everything will be fine. That’s the point of the book of revelations. From beneath the ice we may even be able to reach mars when there is an ocean for us to survive in. Atlantis might be in our future rather than our past.”


Male: “What are the other functions?”


Casey: “The second function is to feed Mercury. Mercury is a ball of metal. Metal comes from beneath the earth. We mine it and dump it into space by the ton. The metal we dump floats directly toward the sun until we can’t see it anymore. Mercury is between us and the sun. You may not think we’ve dumped enough metal to make a planet the size of Mercury but if this happened from Pluto and possibly another planet before that, now you have enough metal.”


Female 2: “What is the Universe?”


Casey: “I believe it’s a molecular structure and it may be the molecular structure of a living being. The big bang theory and conception on a molecular level look almost identical. Also the rapidly expanding universe could be explainable by growth if the being is still inside the womb. I also believe the third function of the human race is to send electrical signals into space. I believe these signals may create the life force which drives the entire structure. If our galaxy works similarly to an electron, there is billions of earth like planets with in the Milky Way. All of these planets together would create a very powerful force.”


Female 2: “Why can’t we see any of these planets?”


Casey: “It may be the universe’s way of making sure we don’t have a target to shoot for, a defense mechanism. If we could see another earth we wouldn’t stop until we got there. These planets may be placed strategically behind planets like Neptune which are much larger in order to prevent us becoming a wrench in the machine.”


Male 2: “How would we be a wrench in the machine?”

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