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My Lords of Salem Review
Started by Tiny Sandoz 1 year ago

from my blog.

*Spoiler Alert*

Ok so I watched the new Rob Zombie movie Lords of Salem and I must say I was a bit confused especially at the end, but that it was a scary, entertaining watch.  It begins with a flashback of witches pledging themselves to Satan and proceeds to follow a radio talk show DJ named Heidi.  She receives a package of a record from some unknown band called The Lords, which when played causes weirdness to happen to the women of Salem.  It seems a curse was laid on the womenfolk of the town by head witch Margaret Morgan as she was being burned alive back in the 1600′s.  We’re then treated to some evocative, striking scenes of Heidi’s reality breaking down, which reminded me a lot of Stanley Kubrick and 70′s occult/exploitation films.  There’s not a lot of blood and gore but lots and lots of creepy atmosphere and surreal imagery, which is a departure from the gritty violence of Zombie’s other films.  Here we are left to wonder is it all in Heidi’s head, or is something really going on?  We find out that there is something foul afoot in Salem in the form of three middle aged witches bent on making Salem pay for the routine burning of their kind back in the day.  The music, art direction, sets and sound effects are truly frightening in a way that you don’t see anymore, and the Lords song makes chills come up on my arms when I hear it.  This film seems a little rushed–it could’ve used a bit more fleshing out of the plot and character development, and the ending left me wondering uhhh…so like…what happened?  Apparently the evil witch music caused a bunch of Salem women to kill themselves I think, but what of the evil witch trio?  And Heidi herself? And what was with all the crazy psychedelic/satanic images flashing on the screen during the ending climax?  Was that a Sasquatch? lol. On the whole, Rob Zombie created something new and original in a landscape full of blood and crappy remakes.  I’m afraid this won’t be a mainstream hit, with all the strange images, flashbacks, and oddball ending.  It’s not historically accurate in that the poor old women that got burnt hadn’t sold their souls to Satan at all but were victims of vindictive neighbors, but it wasn’t meant to be, cause that wouldn’t be very scary, would it? However, if what Rob wanted to do was create a new, original American horror film with complete creative control, then he accomplished his mission.  For me, it’s no Devil’s Rejects, but it’s good for someone into Lovecraftian horror and intense creep factor.


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Captain Spauldin Moon replied 1 year ago...


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