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The Directors Cut
Started by Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 2 years ago

Like all rumors, there is a bit of truth and a bit of lies.  Back in the day, it was rumored that a whopping 17 minutes were cut from House of 1000 Corpses to get the "R" rating for theatrical release.  That would put it from the current 88 mins to 105mins!

There used to be images of some more interesting things in "Dr Satan's Lair" on Wayne Toths website...which are no longer even there.

There are obviously places that can be thought to have cuts....certain scenes ran long....certain violent scenes had to be toned down...for example, I bet the part where Baby and Otis are torturing Bill to Brickhouse went on a lot longer.

Rob has said that the MPAA works weird and you can like stab someone in a scene 5 times but not 6 for the R.  So, I'm sure a bit of violence was cut...but that really only adds up maybe a few seconds here, few seconds there...maybe a minute if we are lucky.

But if there is any truth to having so much footage cut, that makes up for entirely new scenes...not just scenes that were cut short.  

We all wanted the coveted "NC-17" version back in the day.  Probably because it was Rob's first movie and a lot of us thought it was a one-off weird side project (like Dee Snider's Strangeland) and that it would be all music from here on out.  We had no idea he would go on to make several films while still maintaining an amazing music career as well as other side projects.  So, because of all the other projects and films....and so much time has passed....it seems a lot of us forgot about the crave for this mysterious "other" version of the film that ran about 1/5 longer.

I've always thought Corpses was actually pretty tame when compared to Zombie's other work.  Something was cut.  I doubt it was 17 mins...and it's not going to change the whole film or anything....  Except that there also might be an alternate ending in which Grampa Hugo IS Dr. Satan.  Zombie said that was how it was going to be originally....and maybe they filmed it?  But he didn't feel it was a satisfying ending, so he kind of changed it last minute

Now, one thing that is very admirable about Rob Zombie, is that he doesn't obsess over certain parts of his art as if it's carved in stone.  That is why all his actors love working with him.  Some directors are very strict.  Rob knows what he wants and finds a way to get it out of them, but is open to idea's, suggestions, and it friendly enough to have a laid back free environment....so long as the work gets done!

He said he doesn't really like going back and trying to deal with past stuff...he'd rather make something new.  That is why it took so long for the White Zombie box set to come out.  I'm surprised it came out at all, actually.  I don't really blame him.  It gets kind of annoying and tedious when you are sitting there looking at the same reel of film over and over and trying to cut it together with other footage and make it work as a whole movie....you have a lot to worry about...like sound effects and music cues....it takes a lot of work to really re-edit it back into the film, which is what Zombie said he'd want to do....rather than just tack them on a dvd to watch as extras.

I think at one point there was some evidence that he was under contractual agreement to deliver an unrated dvd version of this film.  I'm not sure if he got out of the deal or if Lions Gate did...or if it still might happen some day.

It was released 10 years ago this April 11th.   He's already got enough projects on his plate at the moment with Lords of Salem and the new album. ...but a 10th anniversary uncut dvd would be most welcome! 

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