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Theatre Bizzare - who's seen??
Started by bitchasszombie 1 year ago

To be frank was very excited by the trailer, but once again it turned out to be better than the movie itself.
The part where the girl snatched the eye-perception of the unborn child is more or less freaky, but the movie's shitbag on the whole.
 Throwing up vampires are not bad as well, but that's more for fans of some aesthetic shit like the Hunger (1983) with Susan, Katherine & David.
How do U find Theatre Bizzare, zombieheads? 

burn like an animal
Posts: 1402
Captain Spauldin Moon replied 1 year ago...

I actually found it the other day on NetFlix..Great film, and it had a lot of freaky ideas. It was also awesome seeing Tom Savini in it.

Posts: 6
bitchasszombie replied 1 year ago...

damn, almost forgot his part - definately on of the most wicked in the movie)

burn like an animal

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Sheriff Wydell Emma Firefly replied 1 year ago...

Moving to the Big Screen, Little Scren section of the forum which is for all films/TV discussion.

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