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Posts: 227
Home remedies
Started by Banjo Skatan 1 year ago

Ani one have ani good methods fo killing Fleas ,  ? Id like to know some of u thoughts....and we can talk about otha methods of healing, o killing bugs that ani one has found to be affective....

Posts: 1816
Captain Spauldin Moon replied 1 year ago...

Maybe I can research some..The flea sprays and such they sell at stores do not always work..I have tried a couple different ones on my cat..They didn't kill her fleas...All they did was make her hate me for a few hours after I sprayed her.

Posts: 227
Banjo Skatan replied 1 year ago...

thanx Moon...

Ive also been asking  some  othas and one man told me coconut shampoo and condition....deluted he sa can also be used on  carpet etc and can e bought at the dollaq store  I  asked him should I get coconut oil too...he said I wouldnt need it but im thinking about getting the oil ani wa...and make a supa dose.   it needs to be deluted with hot water to use on carpet etc. i have the exact directions in a notebook...illk post it lata.

im also making something with orane peels im deciding on what to use it on ...mabe cleaning...i blended the peells up in a blender with wata...when eatine oranges  me instincts said himm dont throw the peels awa use them...

waist not want not...i quote i came up with when surviving on hardli no food... 

Posts: 227
Banjo Skatan replied 11 months ago...

i think im about to do this wheneva i need to


Posts: 227

Posts: 227
Banjo Skatan replied 9 months ago...

dont use oils fo cats its intoxicating

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