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Posts: 1816
Started by Captain Spauldin Moon 1 year ago

What kind of dreams do you have? Have you ever had any that came true ? Or do you have any reoccuring dreams, or reoccuring imagery in your dreams? Or, have you hand any interesting dreams lately you want to share? Discuss.

Posts: 822
Sheriff Wydell euphorious replied 1 year ago...

I dream alot about my grandmas old house ALOT probally because it was a happy place to be when growing up, my dad lives there most of my life b4 he died. One dream that sticks out the most is when i was like 9 and i was in my grams house and i ran outside to get he dog and there was killer sunflowers(it sounds weird but i really did dream this) these sunflowers had razor sharp teeth and they chased me into this storm cellar and they waited for me to come out to eat me. I dream weird dreams about my old house that was haunted alot. i dream about fights but none of my fists ever make contact with the ppl im fighting i hate that, also calling 911 and no one answers or they tell me to hold and its a life or death situation.

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