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What are the chances of Rob and Sherri show up at medding next H
Started by zombieland 1 year ago

6 and a half years ago, I met the most wonderful guy in Orlando Florida. We have travelled the country, experienced a lot of highs and lows. We have ended up back in his hometown, Detroit. I'm a southern bell, and yes, us country girls love dem city boys. He has opened my eyes to an entirely new world. To include Rob and Sherri. The passion that we share for these two people, is unexplainable. After five years in the U.S. Army, Dominick is a VERY desensitized person. Other than me naked, hehehe, Literally only two others things bring any visible emotion out of him. The New York Giants. And Rob and Sherri Moon Zombie. We are not "FANATICS".  We simply thrive on "anti society". Rob and Sherri feed this desire, Movies, Music, Videos, Art work, Interviews. Dominick has taught me how important respect is in this life. And we share the deepest level of respect for Rob and Sherri.  He wrote a paper on Rob for his college Psych class. I will try and attach it for those whom may want some background on Rob. This paper is an amazing read.  So to the point, We would like to formally invite Rob And Sherri to our Halloween, Zombie theme Wedding next year.  I gather this is a world record long shot attempt. But thought we'd ask. If by some chance  they accept. As unlikely as you may think. we would not share this with anyone. we are not looking for a media frenzy. We are not attention hogs. We have a deep admiration for Rob and Sherri. We would die before we would exploit them.  Just the chance to meet them, befriend them and creat an extremely unique Wedding experience.  We will provide any information required in order to assure the saftey of them both. Either way, Thank you for your time to read.  And GOD DAMN IT! Give us a release date already for "Lords of Salem". P.S. Dominicks birthday is January 18th. Just happens to be a Friday.

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