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Posts: 9
Started by ZOMBI2037 1 year ago
Hey Rob, Got tickets to see You and Manson in GA Oct 25 !! I have been a fan forever, my question is about your next cd release. I have read many interviews about you talking about it being a very special album. Any kind of a different release for it? Like a big special edition release, with cool artwork, maybe dvd bonus? Im still big into getting the cd on the release day and checking out all the cool artwork, lyrics, and listening to it all the way through. Those days seem to be ending.

Posts: 25
Tiny Crippletown replied 1 year ago...

I still buy albums on release day as well, I dont know what it is, but Ive always needed to have the physical disk in my hands, it makes me feel I've supported the artist in some sort of way.

Posts: 420
Unholy M Tragedy666 replied 1 year ago...

I hate the downloading crap. It's fine for artists you don't really give a shit about but just like 1 or 2 songs from, but I always make sure to buy everything from the artists I love (multiple copies actually). I have this strange fear (that maybe not be so strange) that someday cds won't exist and I need to have a few copies for safe keeping. I still remember back in my school days coming home and rushing to the basement to give Hellbilly Deluxe multiple listens and staring at the artwork and lyrics and just taking in the whole atmosphere of the album. It's just not the same without the booklet, lyrics, artwork, etc... HBD2 had AMAZING artwork. I think it was Rob's best yet. I hope he puts it out on disc and also it would be great if it featured more of his original art like the white zombie records had!

Posts: 1816
Captain Spauldin Moon replied 1 year ago...

I also buy cds. I like going to the store and actually purchasing a cd..

Posts: 149
Otis B. Driftwood diana replied 1 year ago...

for some reason with my luck (not) they never have in stock what i want.. shakes head.. i get stuck having to order the cd's and wait for them to be shipped..

Posts: 25
Tiny Crippletown replied 1 year ago...

Most places only carry whats new or popular, which constantly pisses me off.. I buy from iTunes then copy to a CD, its cheaper and Im still supporting the artist.

Posts: 2
TehSkullKrusher replied 1 year ago...

I will never stop buying CD's. It's how you support the artist. Not only that but if you're already downloading shit you're going to be tempted to just not pay for it somewhere else. Doesn't feel right unless what you bought is PHYSICALLY there. >.>

Posts: 1
ZombieLiquor replied 1 year ago...

I will always but CDs I like to keep them forever, well as long as I can.

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