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Creative Tips
Started by or3g 2 years ago
Hey Rob. Love your work behind the camera. I was wondering if you have any tips for getting started on writing a project. I have no trouble brainstorming a concept and getting the ball rolling on it, but always seem to get held up on the plausibility of the story at hand. I always feel that every detail has to be imminently cohesive. When trying to write a feature length script, I always doubt myself and lose faith in my own ideas before I even tackle the first act. I have lots of confidence in my writing, but I fail regardless because of the self critic at hand. Maybe you could shed some light on your own creative process if you wouldn't mind?

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The Professor Belialith replied 2 years ago...

Plausibility? Do you know that reality is stranger than fiction? Ok, when you go through the memories of your whole life, and that includes dreams you had, coincidences which led you to other places, and you really look at all that stuff that happened to you in your life...see, you have to sort of somehow make sense of all that. And it doesn't make sense on a what we call 'reality' level. But the spirit makes sense when you look deep enough into it. So when you go to write something, don't be too concerned about the plausibility. Think confidently and just put the scenes together. Then look at it from an objective perspective and see what comes out of it. Because you can't control every outcome by your personality. The essence inside of you opens up things you haven't seen, which makes real cool sense when you stand back and look at it. If you have problems criticizing yourself, then just put it into a sketch, like a rough copy, from start to finish. Then take out of that sketch all the things you really like about it and start to develop them into another sketch. Do a few sketches of scenes and then put them together in different orders to see how you like it. Nothing is written in stone. Everything is open to creativity. You can change it anytime. Be light on yourself. It hardly ever comes out perfect the first time. Things usually take working on to fine-tune. Good luck! I'd love to hear Rob's take on how he puts his movies together.

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